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Quick Overview

  • 11Sight is a comprehensive communication platform that allows you to connect with your customers with one click.
  • With 11Sight, clients and web viewers from any part of the world can reach you using a computer or mobile device.
  • 11Sight’s e-line allows users to make immediate calls to your sales team by clicking on your dedicated links.
  • Using 11Sight, you can conduct online conferences for all your customers without any download on signup.
  • 11Sight permits you to invite a team member along with screen sharing, file sharing, and encrypted call recording.

11Sight Lifetime Deal

Customer satisfaction is the most essential and influential factor in the success or failure of any business. Irrespective of everything else, if your customers are not satisfied with your company, your chances of survival in the market are next to zero. However, one might argue, how do you know what exactly do your customers expect from you?

The answer to this is quite simple, ask your customers. We know what you might be wondering. That’s a lengthy and time-consuming process. But what if we told you that your customer could reach you anytime, from anywhere in the world, using any device with just a single click? Sounds too good to be true? Meet 11sight, your Remote Engagement Platform with unlimited communication options.

What is 11Sight?

11Sight is a revolutionary customer engagement platform that enables you to connect with your audience using quick and uncomplicated communication channels. With 11Sight, your customers chose between video conferencing, audio calls, and text messages to reach you. When you create an e-line, you enable your viewers to make a call to your system visible on your browser and cell phone. Using this comprehensive sales chat solution, you can connect with your team members to any ongoing call, enabling them to provide their insights without delay. 11Sight has no download or signup requirements, permitting users to connect with you almost instantly.

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Features of 11Sight

We hope you learned what 11Sight is and how this customer conversation platform can help you connect with your customers instantly. Now, here are the top features of this tool that make it a lifesaver for any online business:

Dedicated e-links that help your customers connect with just one click:

When you start using 11Sight, this Remote Engagement Platform will allow you to create unique links that anyone can use to reach your sales team. With 11Sight, users from anywhere can get the answer to their queries, irrespective of what device they are using.


Chose between video, audio, and text modes as per your preference:

11Sight gives your customers the flexibility to pick between various communication mediums such as web conferences, audio calls, and text messages. Using this customer engagement platform, the customers control how they want to interact with you.

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Option to invite a teammate and share your screen or files with them:

With 11Sight, you can invite a specialized and knowledgeable member of your team for getting better assistance in solving viewer queries. This comprehensive sales chat solution also enables screen sharing, with an option to send related files for quick data sharing.


Save your complete call history with screenshots for future reference:

Using this customer conversation platform, you can ensure that the complete history for all your video calls gets saved. Refer back to these encrypted records anytime that include screenshots and the chat dashboard containing your conversations.

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Create QR codes allowing anyone to reach you by scanning the code:

11Sight also allows you to create QR codes for your e-links, e-buttons, and e-rooms. Using this Remote Engagement Platform, you can print these codes on business cards or brochures so that a viewer can scan the code using any device and connect with you.


E-rooms for conferencing with no signup, no download requirements:

11Sight is ideal for mass web conferencing events like webinars. This customer engagement platform will help you drive audience attention to your company by assisting you in conducting virtual events. There is no download and signup necessary for users to log in.



This article shared a quick and comprehensive sales chat solution that will help you stay connected with your customers on mobile and computer devices. With 11Sight, you can instantly connect with your audience using video, audio, or text mediums. This tool even captures and saves the complete call history for your reference.

Using 11Sight, you have the option to invite a team member to your call to solve any customer query or question quickly. With this customer conversation platform, you can choose from e-lines, e-buttons, and e-rooms, offering your multiple choices to connect with your customers with just one click. So get 11Sight today and start impressing your customers!

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  • Get unlimited call time, allowing you to stay available to your customers anytime.
  • Enable multiple persons to attend one call with call forwarding and three-way calling.
  • Use 11Sight from your desktop or download the iOS or Android mobile application.
  • Multi-line ringing allows everyone on your sales team to receive call intimidation.
  • Integrate with WordPress sites with just one click to boost your audience engagement.
  • You can pick the most suitable alternative for your business from five plan options.
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