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Quick Overview

  • Running an ad campaign is the best way to target your ideal audience and convert them into organic leads for the growth of your business. The rise of artificial intelligence has been such that its effect on ad campaigns helps people get through common issues.
  • ai is an effecting AI-powered creative tool. It helps run stunning ad campaigns. You can know what your audience is looking for and curate similar content which makes them feel valued and understood.
  • While using the tools for curating ad campaigns, you cannot expect a sudden boom in your audience. It is not a single ad that will break the ice for you but a series of creative ones. It should be a result of time, effort, and manpower that acts as bang-on work to target your ideal audience that is functional on various platforms.
  • Businesses have limited access to resources. It is good to judiciously use them for better functioning and productivity. acts as a dream assistant that upscale your advertising scale and helps let your audience know what they have to know in the right and innovative way. Lifetime Deal

What is

WordHero is a reliable tool that eases the process of converting Ad creatives. It is comfortable to use tools that help to generate the on-brand creatives for driving high conversions. It saves your time and effort.

It is AI-powered for getting across perfect creatives for ongoing and upcoming projects. It rolls the advantage of including 1080*1080 square sizes followed by the 1080*1920 story sizes. The advanced AI works well with high-performing ad creatives. So, using the designs for conversions is easier to curate and establish for the present and future.

Features has the following features for its audience:

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  • The advanced instinct of AI in is an asset. It works consistently to generate creatives for the businesses that are cloud-hosted. The user can go for the production of ad variations. There’s no need to worry about the bandwidth or limitations of the memory or size.


  • You can use the tool and opt for integrations with ads that make it to social media handles like Google and Facebook. The AI data promises better results for the campaigns and marketing processes.


  • You can choose your ad performance optimization for feeding the creatives using the Google Display network. You will learn the ability to get through the best combinations for the impeccable marketing strategy for your business.
  • You can expand your business audience during the stage of developing personalized ads with the help of demographics. The optimization works well for various media platforms like Linkedin, Google, Bing Ads, and others like Facebook and Instagram.


  • You have the option to invite unlimited users to the tool for collaborations on projects for beginning with the idea of generating the creatives.

Plans and Pricing

The user has 3options. He can choose the single, double, and multiple deal plans. The single plan is available for $69, the double plan is available for $138, and the final multiple plan is available for $207. The user gets 3, 5, and 10 users in each. The user has 50, 100, and 250 credits per month. The single plan has five brands. The rest of the two have 10 and unlimited brands.

The user can stack up to 4 codes along with a GDPR compliant. The user gets lifetime access to the tool and gets all the premium plan updates.


If you have your esteemed clients onboard and want to impress them with personalized ads, this is the time to strike the right deal. It helps generate winning ad creatives that promise real results for you and your business.

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  • Gone are the days when only one campaign helped run the businesses for both old and new audiences. is a perfect tool to add to the creative and innovative needs of your business line. This is a user-friendly tool that benefits the user by generating backed data. The user can use it for creating and converting vibrant leads, all thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Using Celtra and Marpipe is a thing of the past. is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. It acts as the ultimate source to quench the ingenious needs of any ad campaign for the businesses’ benefit in the long run.
  • You can trust this tool to connect your ads and the analytics accounts. The user has the advantage of learning the trends that are in store for you. You can sort the training concerns with the help of artificial intelligence from your data.
  • The startups, solopreneurs, and marketing heads that are on the way to streamlining their operations should give this tool a try. The users can use for testing the dynamic ad creatives and the output they have in store for their business.
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