Airmeet Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Quick and easy event registration and setup with no download needed for joining a meetup or event. 
  • HD quality audio and video. 
  • Alternative to zoom. 
  • Instant recording of meeting of the whole event session at zero cost, thereby saving on the cloud. 
  • Hassle free and smooth screen sharing options. 
  • Single click can help you add your event to the calendar.

Airmeet software allows you to conduct events by simply registering for the event by the event link given by event organizers for reaching the event landing page. It is a virtual event management tool that can help you carry out your meetings and events successfully. 

When you come across this virtual meetup software, all you need to do is register for an event. After that, using the link, you can go to the event landing page that displays the event details such as description time, date, title, and more. 

Airmeet software comes with the social lounge option that allows attendees to communicate for a more luxurious experience. It also comes with options like modded group chat for disabling malicious posts. 

In this Virtual workshop software, there is a raise and option for asking questions to the speaker or host by sharing the stage. It also comes with training and end-to-end support from the event manager for going live. 

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It allows approximately 16 feeds equally on screen. It helps maintain focus and reduces distractions on speakers. 

Airmeet virtual meetup software decreases the chances of zoo bombing in various ways. There are options for guest authentication for each meeting. Options like chat moderation, screen sharing, invite-only private meetings are limited to attendees and speakers with the raise hand option. 

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Ideally suitable for events of all sizes ranging from webinars to team meetings to large-scale conferences and multisession seminars. No downloads needed, no latency as well as no drop-offs. 

There are high-quality networking and live broadcast experience. Simply join and start this virtual meetup software on any device. It works on all modern browsers. 

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Airmeet virtual event management tool comes with privacy features as well as robust security. Ranging from GDPR compliance with end-to-end encryption along with cloud storage one can count on communications being private and secure. 

Chat moderation and guest authentication make sure there are spam-free discussions. Comes with a no app installer that makes it more secure. The software ensures that no one happens to be requesting permission for gaining control or snooping on your data. 

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There is a social lounge where participants can meet. One can join a table for meeting a group of random people and engagement video chat with them. There are also options from hopping from table to table until one finds their best people. Post and pre-session at working options help attendees develop real connections. 

airmeet 5

This virtual event management tool allows the live broadcasts to be going on when someone has a question. Moderators can either allow them to post a question on it or they could just reach their hand to come on the stage that enables them to directly reach out to everyone on the video. It was one of the genuine ways to ask questions. 

The events conducted on this software can autoscale while attending count increases, thereby ensuring no drop in the quality. Apart from that, there are multi-speaker sessions for large scale events that might run for days and hours at a stretch. In this case, participants do not require registering for every session separately. 

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  • Lifetime access to Airmeet Standard Plan
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  • All future Standard Plan updates
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  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)
  • Only for new users
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason
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