Amberscript Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • If you find the transcribing process of your audios and visuals to text a tough and elaborate one, you would love to use the Amberscript tool. With this tool, you can get qualitative results within seconds that make sense and enhance the ease of your content.
  • Hiring a person to meet all your transcribing needs is too mainstream as this application sorts all issues that meets accuracy. This is a fast-running tool that saves your time and energy.
  • The user can experience multiple benefits by using this tool. This tool can help you with your online meeting, attend webinars in various languages, conduct and be a part of training courses, and opt for transcribing other types of audio and video content.
  • You have the option of choosing your transcriptions and substitutes from over 39 different kinds of languages. Also, this tool provides you with the advantage of editing the text and speakers, anytime later.

Amberscript Lifetime Deal

What is Amberscript

Your search for an mp3 to text converter ends with Amberscript that makes commendable use of the AI engines and offering great conversion results. You can get your hands on interesting and meaningful subtitles for your more readable content. Also, you can break the sentences and add pauses in ideal ways. This tool helps you give a more natural touch to your content.

Features of Amberscript

  • It is a powerful tool that employs the advantages of artificial intelligence to transcript the audios and visuals in readable titles and subtitles. The formatting issues resolve quickly with this tool and the result is available in the form of a draft within seconds.

Amberscript 1

  • To begin using this tool, what you need to do is upload your file. You can do the transfer from your smartphone, as well. The online text editor helps you revise, find and search, and highlight all your requirements.

Amberscript 2

  • Through this tool, you have a huge opportunity to podcast your content and some build-in editors result in creating texts that are SEO-friendly and also extract blog content and texts from various kinds of audios and videos.
  • You have the option of exporting the resulting in various kinds of formats like txt, doc, vtt, json, srt, and srt, amongst others.
  • If you want your content and subtitles to be somewhat like that belonging to BBC and Netflix, followed by customized settings, this should be your pick.


Plans and Pricing

The availability of amberscript in the form of an audio or video transcription solution enables users to record various kinds of meetings and interviews. Also, the application promises speech recognition accuracy as well that plays a good role in the recording.

This tool is available as License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3 for $69, $139, and $269 for a lifetime. After purchasing the deal, you can activate your deal within 60 days. And, if you don’t like the tool after buying for any reason, you have the option of availing of the option money-back guarantee.

The only difference is that in the 3 plans is that you get 2 hours of uploading audios and visuals, 4 hours, and 10 hours, respectively.

All these plans are inclusive of the following features:

  • Availability of instant text drafts
  • Availability of advanced dashboard
  • Optimal privacy and security offered
  • Automatic subtitles and transcriptions


With Amberscript, the users have excellent leverage of enhancing their content with the help of conversational and understandable titles. This enhances the accessibility of the content and helps it reach a larger and vibrant audience.

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  • Gone are the days when you have to invest all your time just to get the right transcriptions that make sense and add quality to the content for users so that they can use it on the requirement.
  • Amberscipt provides you with an outstanding way to convert all your audio and videos into texts and subtitles. This tool supports the AI-powered transcription that promises the user to save extra costs by delivering a reliable result and enhancing the accessible degree of your content.
  • This tool is a qualitative running tool that proves to be an excellent alternate to applications like Trint and AegiSub.
  • Using Amberscript helps the user with instant results with transcript drafts that enable you the editing and exporting of multiple degrees of texts and subtitle file formats to suit various requirements of the user.
  • The tool provides the user with the ability to make changes and edit the highlight parts of the transcriptions that are on the way. Also, there are no issues in the tool functioning if you wish to bring changes to content, further find new words and replace the ones that you don’t like. Also, you have added benefits of renaming the speakers, and much more.
  • This tool is best suited for professionals like marketers, journalists, reporters, creators, and producers amongst others. The tool solves the purpose of all those who are on the lookout for quality transcriptions and subtitles for all their audios and visuals.
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