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Quick Overview

  • AppMySite is an economical mobile app builder that provides affordable options for developing an application.
  • Code-based mobile apps require technical assistance, whereas AppMySite will help develop distinctive apps without writing any code.
  • It helps in refashioning your online business by making customized applications for both IOS and Android users.
  • With AppMySite, you can customize your app builder. It helps in the development of perfect apps in a few minutes. Both the development and delivery of the application are online. Thus, it is instant.
  • It allows you to modify and design the content, layout, and app design as per your requirements.
  • Both big and small business houses use this app developer to convert their Woocommerce and WordPress web pages into easy-to-use & straightforward mobile apps.

The world of the internet has become an escape for people from mundane life. Smartphone usage is increasing tremendously. With this hand-sized gadget, people are engaging in online activities with the help of different multipurpose applications. AppMySite Lifetime Deal, the AI-powered mobile app builder that helps you develop a mobile app that completely aligns with your necessities and specifications.

You can make it as creative and aesthetic as you wish it to be. You can modify and alter the app anytime the need arises. It is available for both WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. It syncs your web pages and content with the mobile application in real-time. It also allows social media connectivity. It increases the reach of your application.

What is AppMySite?

AppMySite is a WordPress App Builder that readily converts your websites into user-friendly and superior applications in quality. It converts your website into native applications available for both mobile platforms, Android and IOS. It helps in developing and personalizing ready-to-publish apps without any technical assistance and coding.

It enables you to check the app’s performance before launching it through cross-platform testing and live app previews. You can also integrate payment gateways with your applications. It provides the user a hassle-free and safe platform for making payments. You can design an app with a vast app menu that will give the users with endless options.

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Features of AppMySite

  • AppMySite helps in converting the WordPress or Woocommerce websites into the format of native apps. These can be instantly downloaded to smartphones and are good to work on. It can increase your reach to potential customers.
  • This WordPress & WooCommerce App Builder will allow you to launch your app on different platforms, namely Android and IOS, after developing an app. It is an easy process and requires very little time.
  • It equips you for the development of E-commerce applications. You can modify and fine-tune the product lists, drop-down menus, product information, user information, check-out process, and others, as per your specifications.
  • It helps you develop an app preview that exhibits all the app’s features, functions, and user interface in small footage. It gives a basic idea about the app and its utility to the customers.
  • It enables you to check the app’s performance before launching it through cross-platform testing and live app previews.
  • You can test your app on both android and IOS platforms.
  • It allows you to recreate real mobile experiences and helps in rectifying them.
  • With AppMySite, you can add extra features to your apps, such as consent forms, feedback forms, language support settings, and user management.


AppMySite is the Best Mobile App Builder that helps you with app development and its management. You can add features and update your application as per your need. It enables you to create vibrant splash screens, sign-up screens, and backgrounds.

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  • AppMySite allows you to design an attractive app logo that identifies with your brand. It helps in brand positioning. You can create vibrant splash screens, sign-up screens, and backgrounds with its help.
  • It allows you to upload and merge your designs and artworks. It makes your app icon look more authentic and distinct. It provides a wide range of premium options you can select from.
  • AppMySite enables you to configure the settings of your apps. You can adjust all the categories and menus available on the app in the most desirable way.
  • It allows the user to sync his website and web content with the mobile application. By installing AppMySite WordPress plug-ins, you can connect your app with your website.
  • AppMySite WordPress plug-in will automatically incorporate all the web content available on your website in the mobile application. You can change and edit this information instantly.
  • WooCommerce plug-ins will automatically incorporate your product list, product price, and product information available on your website in the mobile application in real-time.
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