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Quick Overview

  • AtomChat is an inclusive group chat tool that lets you communicate using text messages, audio notes, and video conferencing.
  • With AtomChat, you can integrate the chat function on your website with your WordPress, Shopify, Joomla chats.
  • Using this hangout service, you can hold video conferences with your clients, customers, and community members.
  • AtomChat lets you collaborate within and outside your team, allowing you to share your ideas with the whiteboard.
  • Using AtomChat, you can maintain the privacy and security of your and your user data with customized commands and rules.

AtomChat Lifetime Deal

Communication is a crucial element of any relationship, be it customer and seller or employer and employee. Effective communication is an essential step in building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients. For this, you need a reliable mode of communication that is fast and easy to use.

But finding an inclusive chat and video conferencing app is not an easy task. With many features lacking many significant features, you have to satisfy yourself by using multiple apps. Today we are sharing with you one Online Group Chat Platform that will change the way you communicate.

What is AtomChat?

AtomChat is an all-inclusive chat tool that lets you send messages through public and private chat groups. With this Robust Chat Solution, you can organize conferences with 50 participants for executing your marketing strategies successfully. AtomChat also integrates with multiple websites allowing you to combine the chat for different websites and platforms. The admin interface gives you complete control of everything, protecting your privacy. Now create the ultimate virtual hangout for your employees and team members using AtomChat.

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Features of AtomChat

After going through the above information, you gained insight into what AtomChat is and why you need this multi-purpose communication tool. Now let us go over some of the features of AtomChat that make it such an indispensable Online Group Chat Platform.

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Chat with your customers and employees through public and private chats:

AtomChat lets you create public and private chat protected with passwords. It allows you to chat with customers and team members while maintaining your privacy. Create quick chat solutions for fast and effective communication.

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AtomChat even gives you video and audio conferencing options:

You can also enjoy audio and video calling communication that lets you directly contact everyone. With this ultimate virtual hangout, you can get a high-definition video conferencing option to communicate with as many as six participants in a call.

Collaborate with your team with whiteboard and doc sharing:

Now you can collaborate with team members and clients using AtomChat. Share your ideas and work progress through whiteboards and direct sharing of documents on AtomChat. This Online Group Chat Platform is the ultimate tool for your communication.

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Chat widget and pop-out window for continuous connectivity:

The chat widget allows you to communicate without minimizing the screen or switch between tabs. Along with the quick chat solutions, you can also customize its appearance. The pop-out calling window allows you to stay connected all the time.

Webinars and classes made easy with AtomChat broadcast:

AtomChat is a comprehensive ultimate virtual hangout that lets you communicate through webinars, online sessions, and group discussions. With this tool, one speaker can talk to as many as 50 participants with the broadcast feature.

Integrate your chat with more than 30 websites and platforms:

You can also combine your AtomChat with up to 30 different websites allowing you to save time by responding to messages and calls faster. WordPress, Shopify, Bubble, Joomla, Drupal are some of the websites that integrate with Online Group Chat Platform.


After reading this blog, you will know everything worth knowing about Atomchat and why you need to start using this chat immediately. You can integrate the tool with other platforms and websites to create quick chat solutions, saving your time and allowing you to reply to messages through a single dashboard.

AtomChat has features like public and private chats, audio, and video calling options covering every aspect of communication. With this Robust Chat Solution, you can ensure that you get all your customer and team messages on time. So get AtomChat today and impress everyone with your custom hangout.

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  • AtomChat lets you send audio and voice notes for effective information sharing.
  • Allow role-based access to data to members of your team to manage your chats better.
  • The high-definition video calling features allows you to share the call with six people.
  • Keep chatting when you are on a video call using the chat widget on the screen.
  • Switch tabs and browse through your website on a call, thanks to the pop-out window.
  • Share documents without leaving the AtomChat dashboard to showcase your progress.
  • You can choose between four different plan options to find the one best suited for you.
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