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Quick Overview

  • Attention Insight is software that helps to enhance the performance of a marketing and designing campaign with the help of Pre-Launch Analytics.
  • It allows you to use heatmaps to analyze what the viewers are more likely to see first in your graphics or designs.
  • You can easily compare two things when they are next to each other. Attention Insight enables you to compare various designs. You can judge which designs have better quality, clarity, and will fetch more visibility.
  • Marketers, designers, product developers are popularly using it as it helps in deriving data-based results.
  • Attention Insight empowers you to save, organize, and share your graphics and projects on its effortless dashboard. You can easily rearrange and share your data with your co-workers.

Attention Insight Lifetime Deal, that uses a visual attention prediction algorithm to implement the A/B test or split testing. It shows you two or more variants of a single web page and uses statistical data to draw results about which variant is working in a better manner. It tests your designs on various levels to maintain a higher conversion rate. You can compare them simultaneously on one screen and see how they perform against each other.

It automatically creates a comparison table of the two designs so that you can effortlessly compare the clarity scores of both designs. It also calculates the percentage of attention each design will get. It also enables you to compare the text, headings, subheadings, images, and various CTAs (Call to Attention) to see which element is more eye-catching.

What is Attention Insight?

Attention Insight is software that helps in determining the design performance with the help of pre-launch analytics. It provides you insightful feedback and recommendations about the designs before you publish them. If you want to test the performance of a design you can simply upload an image and run the analysis. It also enables you to test the live pages. You can do that by entering the page’s URL.

It helps in quick decision-making as it compares various designs side by side and draws results based on data. It calculates the percentage of attention with the help of auto AOI (Area of Interests).

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Features of Attention Insight

  • The Chrome extension given by Attention Insight enables you to assess the design performance of your website. It also allows you to compare your website with that of your competitors in just a single click.
  • It allows you to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of your website. It also judges the usability of your website to gain organic traffic and increase the engagement of the visitors.

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  • With the help of the visual attention prediction algorithm, it helps in generating reports that are in PDF format. It saves the reports in shareable folders. Therefore, it becomes easy to share these reports with your coworkers and clients.
  • You can easily combine all your apps on which you are currently working with Attention Insight. This feature enables you to work in your native app while making use of all its functions.
  • Attention Insight helps you to assess Advertise campaign results by using heatmaps. It helps you to determine all the important elements in the design and which elements you can discard.
  • It also allows you to compare your new designs with the old ones. It shows all the changes you need to make to create an effective graphic.


Attention Insight is an excellent tool to analyze your designs and performance with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is also an effective means to measure the performance of your website. You can generate heatmaps incorporating hot & cold pallets to determine the high & low effectiveness of the graphics.

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  • Attention Insight is a heatmaps generator that allows you to create AI Heatmaps. They visually represent the data by using a hot & cold color pallet. It is useful in representing quantitative information.
  • It helps in allocating the widespread attention of the users among numerous designs and graphics.
  • It not only focuses on the overall design or pattern, you can also test some particular elements of a design and draw results on its basis. It provides an exact percentage of attention that part of the design will call for.
  • Attention Insight shows the results in the form of a clarity score. The higher the score better will be the visibility and performance of the design.
  • Effective graphics will get a score between the ranges of 57-95. This indicates that the design has optimal clarity. A lower score than this range indicates that you must reconsider or change your design.
  • Attention Insight compares your design with the top websites relating to your industry or product.
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