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Quick Overview

  • Authoritas is an SEO platform that helps organizations to identify and gain organic traffic and customers on their web pages. This eventually helps the clients to grow professionally.
  • It is a comprehensive platform that provides various SEO tools, such as crawling, backlinks, and reporting. It also helps in ranking and researches the keywords.
  • Authoritas allows you to perform technical audits. It also enables you to see who all your competitors are. You can also track their actions.
  • Many professional marketing agencies are popularly using Authoritas to convert the visitors of their website into actual consumers.
  • It is an effective and efficient way of running flourishing SEO projects. It saves a lot of time and the cost of operation is negligible. The complete process of using this SEO analytics tool requires very little time owing to its automation.

Authoritas Lifetime Deal, that is an SEO software to grow traffic and it also helps in content optimization. All the organizations want more virtual traffic to their websites. Merely increasing the number of visitors does not prompt sales. Every website needs organic traffic. Authoritas provides organic search marketing opportunities to convert potential customers into actual buyers. It probes and investigates numerous keywords available over the internet to find the best keywords for you so that your content ranks better on the analytical tools.

It helps you in formulating SEO strategies using forecasting tools. It helps in monitoring and controlling these activities so that the actual performance of the content does not deviate from the SEO standards set by you. The accurate usage of keywords helps in boosting the level of the page and its content.

What is Authoritas?

Authoritas is an SEO and Content Marketing Software that allows a marketer to perform various functions, such as keyword search, keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, etc. It allows you to prepare an SEO report and perform technical audits. It provides you with all-inclusive SERP features. It uses real users’ data for more accurate analysis. Authoritas allows you to work on multiple domains. It provides highly competitive statistics of keyword search and ranking from across 26 nations across the globe and 125 million keywords.


You can easily create an SEO dashboard on Authoritas and customize it as per your need. It allows you to efficiently monitor all the activities. You can track the activities of your competitors by installing Visibility Explorer. This allows you to compare your content and keywords with a particular competitor or with the entire industry.


Features of Authoritas

  • Authoritas is a keyword ranking software that tracks every search engine and language to provide you with keywords that can fetch you the highest ranking. It also shows the intention of a user when searching for the keyword.
  • It gives you recommendations and approves the topics as well as the web pages to publish the same so that you get the best ROI. It has a multi-lingual interface that allows you to get the keywords from any foreign language across the world.


  • It enables you to use Google’s Site Crawler index to illustrate which content and technical issues are hindering the process of growth. It also allows you to understand your content and resolve issues for better performance.
  • It provides all the data necessary for analyzing the performance of the content at a pivotal location. Its dashboard enables you to handle multiple SEO projects from a central location.
  • It provides free trial account access for the first 30 days. You can upgrade to the paid version and avail all the benefits of this SEO software.
  • SEO and other marketing agencies that join this platform get access to the free Agency account. Authoritas provides them with pre-sales benefits, a 20% share of the total revenue, and other operational supports.


Authoritas provides you with the best keyword and organic search marketing opportunities. It helps you in identifying commercially viable keywords that will help in creating relevant content for your business.

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  • It is a complete SEO tool that allows you to see a reader’s purpose behind your keyword with the help of User Intent Analysis. This feature enables you to produce content that is relevant and engages more customers.
  • It provides a multilingual interface to the users that help them to design their marketing strategies and content like a professional marketer.
  • It has several plug-in software and market analysis tool that helps in a precise analysis of data in real-time. These include Google Analytics, Majestic Backlinks, and Search Console.
  • It has a very positive and accurate keyword rank tracking system as well as SEO visibility data.
  • It enables you to formulate your web content strategies by gathering trending and most relevant keywords from more than 100 of your competitors.
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