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Quick Overview

  • Use Auto Opt-In to effectively turn listeners into leads through specific email addresses
  • Alternative to: Transistor.fm
  • Easily add CTAs to episodes with Dynamic Content Insertion, plus host your podcast on a custom domain
  • Best for: Podcasters and marketers that want to increase ROI from their podcasts using impressive CTA and opt-in features

Podcasting is a process to publish and advertise your business. Lead generation is the initiation of customer interest in any product or service. It is quite hard to generate the leads for your business growth without any platform like the podcast, bCast. The bCast platform can be a game-changer to generate leads, expand your business, and get more people involved in your industry.

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Forget about any other platform for your business requirement because bCast is here to work for your business.

Introduction to bCast

bCast is the best marketing analytics software platform that hosts podcasts and analyses the market for business organizations. It is one of the best lead generation software to boost your business. It will help the audience go through your offered deals, audio data to get more details about your business and read the information about your idea in it.

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bCast helps to engage with social media to create traffic, which is why it is the best lead generation software through social media.

Functionalities of bCast

1. bCast allows you to set an audio reminder – bCast will allow you to set a call to action feature to call from the page where you are. You can select a reminder of your next business event to the bCast.

2. Progressive analytics – For any business, it is essential to know the progress with the scheduled time. You need to understand where you are standing in this competitive market. bCast is the best marketing analytics software that will give you the exact position amongst all. It will show you whether your podcast is increasing visitors or not.bCast 4a

3. Flexible Content implanting – bCast will help with promoting your webinar and other critical digital data. You can host your podcast in your domain to avoid cyber-attacks and avoid confusion in naming. The automatic transcription function also helps you optimize your content’s SEO value by loading the text onto your web, thus improving accessibility.

4. Works globally – With the help of bCast, you can find any podcast directory. The bCast will help you share your podcast details in several locations where the audience is searching for you. The best thing is that it will not depend on any single podcast. It will work in any podcast type.

5. Auto conversion – How can a platform convert your audience into leads? The bCast is the best marketing analytics software that will automatically convert your audience into information, which will boost your business.


With these functionalities, bCast is the best marketing analytics software to grow business and to generate leads from the audience. Create your bCast platform now and bring your business into the immediate notice of your potential market. Unleash the potential to grow high and achieve exponential and immense profits.

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  • Unlimited users, episodes, and listeners
  • One-click distribution
  • Powerful analytics
  • Sub-accounts
  • Email integrations
  • Audio transcription
  • Dynamic content integrations
  • Custom podcast pages
  • Growth Monitoring Analytics
  • Dynamic content insertion
  • Auto option for emails
  • Call to action
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