Beaglesecurity Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Schedule automated penetration tests for your website and get tailored recommendations for fixing security issues
  • Alternative to: Detectify
  • Integrate with your development pipeline and other apps you use, like Slack, Jira, Asana, and Trello
  • Best for: CTOs and site owners that want an easy way to identify site security issues and get insights on how to repair them

Beaglesecurity Lifetime Deal

● Helps in identifying all the loophole of your website and provides with ultimate security from hackers.
● Keeps all the insights and automation process safe of your website without letting them reach the hackers’ hand.
● Provides scheduled automation tests for your website whenever any update is required.
● Helps the users by recommending them the changes and enhancing the security levels from time to time
● It provides easy integration with other applications and functionalities of the website for better and enhanced performance.
● Best security monitoring tool for only identifying the site security issues with detailed insights on how to repair them
● The alerts are automatically triggered, which helps in saving your manual efforts and precious time as well.
● The intelligent website monitoring system detects security threats automatically. You can also monitor all the types of suspicious activity on your website with this website security tool.

Features of Beaglesecurity

● Helps in leveraging the AI of your business website by enhancing the functionalities
● Provides accurate automation to get accurate results in very little time without investing more manual efforts.
● Beagle security also automates the entire penetration testing process in less than the entire two days or even in just 2 hours.
● In-depth penetration test just by the click of a button in your website’s background without disturbing the front-end activities.
● You can easily add multiple websites to secure the environment and the transaction details with the beagle security anti-hacking tool. You can add unlimited websites altogether.
● You can operate unlimited websites from a single dashboard. This saves time and makes the functioning of the tool easier and smooth functioning of the website and applications easily.
● After the security penetration test, you can have access to all the security data and insights at once in detail.


With the amazing tool, you can easily administer all the loopholes of your website and protect your website with an excellent security barrier. With this, hackers are not able to reach the data of your website in any case.

beaglesecurity 3
These days business owners do not get enough time to make their website secure. However, it should be their highest priority. This usually happens because of a lack of time and effort from their site.s But with the lack of security, the business owners are most likely to lose their entire business at once. Therefore, the website security system’s maintenance helps in getting the best response of the users with better rectification of the major site issues.
The ultimate automated system of the beagle eye security provides the potential business with excellent opportunities to manage their security issues.


With the scheduled and automated system, you don’t have to spend enough time checking for every issue manually. Rather with this best security monitoring tool, you can automate the website checking process any time you want or in regular intervals also.


With beagle security, you can take care of all the environments of your webs presence. You can easily integrate your web application, website front end, backend, and all the directories associated with your website for a better security check.


Well, many people might think that you can add and work on only one website with beagle eye security. Rather you can easily add unlimited websites on the software and application presence. Not only this, you can easily manage every platform from just one dashboard. You simply do not have to go from one dashboard to another for better management.


beaglesecurity 2

With beagle eye security, the site owners can easily identify all the site issues. There is no need of managing and checking every file to rectify the issues. Rather, the beagle security application directly and automatically triggers the users with the security alarms of automated security checkups.

Hence, these are the best features of the beagle eye website hacking tool. Make sure to check out the pricing of the different plans and select the best that suits your requirement.

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  • Add unlimited domains and swap for testing anytime
  • Configure concurrent & recurring tests
  • Full evaluation of JavaScript to support dynamic web pages
  • User authenticated testing for web apps with login
  • Export results in PDF, JSON, CSV, or XML
  • API integration
  • DevSecOps CI Plugins: Azure Pipelines, Bitbucket, AWS CodePipeline, Gitlab, Github Actions, Jenkins, and more
  • Result integrations with Slack, Jira, Asana, Trello, Azure Boards, Pabbly Connect and email
  • Custom webhook integration
  • Security badge and certificate
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