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Quick Overview

  • Live is a live streaming platform that allows you to set up or create live streams in a very short period. It improves and enriches the audience’s engagement.
  • It allows you to hold a live show. You can send invites or request the presence of up to four guests. You can send this invite with the help of a distinctive secure link.
  • Live has numerous customization options that can make your live stream more effective. This feature makes it extraordinary than any other live streaming platform.
  • Many instructors, trainers, infopreneurs, hosts, anchors, and influencers are actively using Be.Live. It allows you to make video content of high quality.
  • It allows you to share your screen and add other sources of media while you are online. By doing this you can make your content more informative and expressive.
  • It allows you to add fun features such as stickers, sticky notes, various filters and effects, sound effects, etc., to capture the audience’s attention. This makes the live streams captivating and engrossing.

Be.Live Lifetime Deal, understands your obligatory need of going live at urgent moments because of your profession. It is a customizable web-based streaming platform that allows you to go live with the flexibility of time, place, and mode of going online. It has an easy-to-use interface that provides you a seamless live session. You can create unlimited shows and live podcasts with the help of Be.Live. It also enables you to record your screens and audios while you are online and up for a live stream.

What is Be.Live?

Be.Live is a Live Streaming Technology provider that allows you to add eye-catching videos, images, gifs, and other effects while you are streaming online. You can also add flashing teasers and CTA (call to action) questions to get a response out of the viewers. You can also highlight or bring to fore the audience’s comments and views. It gives them a feeling of sense of belongingness and it increases the engagement on the audience’s part. 1

You can also invite guests to your live streams. By inviting guests who have a lofty following on social media platforms can help you reach out to more people and gain more audience to your web page and content.


Features of Be.Live

  • It allows you to share an indefinite and continuing link with the guests who reappear on your shows more often. This saves a lot of time and effort as they can directly plunge into live streaming without much hassle.
  • It enables you to make a waiting area or a green room with at least ten guests waiting while you are live or performing with four guests on the screen. 3

  • Live provides you with live streaming solutions as you can create effective virtual backdrops without using the green screen.
  • It allows you to live stream at the same instant on five different platforms. It increases the virtual reach and social involvement.
  • Live allows you to make an audio live stream and not merely video live sessions. It is a good option for audio podcasts and adds variety to your content.
  • It allows you to pre-schedule your live sessions so that the target audience or your followers do not miss any updates from your side.
  • It saves your sessions in a vault for around 30 days. You can manage, edit, and reuse the recorded content.


Be.Live allows you to create excellent and masterful live streams on a mobile application you do not require any technical know-how and professional help. It has numerous features that will help you to increase your reach in the market and will, eventually, benefit your business.

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  • Live is a live streaming studio that enables you to produce appealing live streams and video content. You can adapt them or use them for a different purpose, that is, for producing shorter videos or podcasts.
  • It enables you to pick out little clips with ease. You can adapt or repurpose these short clips in different podcasts or shorter videos. It has an option for directly uploading these clips on various social media platforms.
  • It enables you to design from scratch or customize a blueprint or overlay that matches your theme, brand, logo, or product. It increases brand awareness and the audience can retain your brand in their minds for a longer period.
  • On Be.Live you can engage with your guests on a split-screen a can interact with them simultaneously. This feature allows you to make announcements of collaborations, conduct interviews, and share opinions with the guests.
  • It has an easy-to-use application with a lot of features that allow you to customize your live stream. You just require a Google or a Facebook account to avail of various benefits on Be.Live.
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