Bird Eats Bug Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Bird Eats Bug is a fast & effective bug reporting tool that allows you naturally to make, share, and oversee far-reaching bug reports with engineers.
  • With Bird Eats Bug, you get greater permeability on issues and point-by-point multiplication steps, complete with screen captures and screen accounts that save us up to half of the time when detailing bugs.
  • Bird Eats Bugis is more straightforward to use than standard screen recording instruments. Anybody would now be able to make amazing bug reports, even your end clients. Push bug reports directly to your current instruments. Improve on your work process and keep every one of your issues in one place.
  • Bird Eats Bugs furnishes engineers with all the data in a solitary connection and recovers your group from this way and that. Bird likewise catches System data, Network demands, Click occasions, URL changes.

Bird Eats Bug Lifetime Deal

What is Bird Eats Bug?

Bird Eats Bug assists you with making easy bug reports that engineers love with screen recording and consequently caught blunder logs

With Bird Eats Bug, you’ll have the option to do all the mess with revealing from one interface by coordinating with your current tech stack and transferring meetings straightforwardly to your issue tracker. The underlying status following allows you to oversee bug reports in a single spot, so you can work on your work process without changing your present arrangement.

Before Bird, revealing bugs frequently implied physically taking screen captures/video recording with outsider instruments and follow-up inquiries from engineers a while later. Utilizing Bird saves you time from this. You won’t have to ask bug journalists follow-up inquiries any longer. All our bug reports accompany framework data, console logs and organization demands as standard. All Bird comprehensive bug reports consequently accompany auto-caught information that designers need to troubleshoot the issue.



Bird Eats Bug allows you to save money on normal 2-4 hours/client/day on announcing specialized issues and related to and from.

  • Record your screen and auto-remember all that your designers for a single tick. Skirt the lumbering arrangement of another device. With Bird, everything necessary to make a bug report is a solitary snap.
  • Introduce and pin Bird to your program to report in a single tick. Auto-catch significant information your architects need to analyze and investigate quicker


  • No compelling reason to open the dev console that occupies a great deal of room. Empower Bug Watch to get mistake alarms at whatever point there is an issue in your dev console.
  • Catch tech logs even before you begin recording video. Share more extravagant screen captures of visual bugs and blunders by including the specialized logs behind them. Get bugs that probably won’t be apparent in the interface
  • Bouncing between tabs is an exercise in futility. With Bird, you can do all the mess with detailing from one interface and transfer it straightforwardly to your issue tracker.
  • Not anymore to and fro over bugs. Decrease time spent announcing bugs by up to half. Bird auto-catches framework data, network demands, console log, and all the other things you want.
  • No compelling reason to catch specialized information from numerous spots. Record your program tab, window, or even the whole screen. Turn on your amplifier and camera to rapidly portray issues without working out long depictions. Tell your group precisely what should be fixed.


  • Make yourself clear quicker and simpler with our screen capture comment device and effectively share issues with your group.
  • See all blunders on the page continuously. That way you can quickly see that something isn’t right, in any event, when your control center is shut.


  • Remain in the safe place of your current work process. Your group can send their bug reports straightforwardly from Bird to your group’s issue tracker. You simply tackle bug issues like regular, besides with much better bug reports.


Plans and Pricing

While you record your screen, Bird naturally catches specialized data that designers need to investigate quicker. Our clients report essentially quick profit from the venture, as even non-specialized individuals can begin utilizing Bird in less than 5 minutes. Bird Bugs Eat provides three plans for the users –

  1. Free – Designed for small teams and startups – Includes 30 session storage, Secure team workspace, Store and access sessions securely with your team in a shared workspace., Unlimited bug reporters.
  2. Business – $8 /user/month – For groups or independent QAs that eat a ton of bugs and are hoping to supercharge their work process.
  3. Custom Plans


Finding the wellspring of specialized bugs is no more straightforward than tracking down the base of a grade school’s lice issue Bird Eats Bug works on the specialized revealing interaction, so your designers can zero in on the new highlights without superfluous this way and that.

Catch, report, and fix messes quicker with Bird Eats Bug today!

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  • Bird Eats Bug is a program expansion that permits even non-specialized individuals to make data-rich bug reports that enable designers to analyze and investigate quicker.
  • Bird Eats Bug offers a single tick bug announcing through strong mixed media recording choices. The expansion permits you to auto-catch framework data, network demands, console logs, and all the other things engineers need to analyze and troubleshoot 30% quicker.
  • The stage catches foundation information from the page you’re at present on, putting away all specialized blunder information locally on your PC until it’s an ideal opportunity to transfer your bug report.
  • Bird Eats Bug additionally makes it more productive than any other time in recent memory to work together and speak with colleagues.
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