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Quick Overview

  • Blogely is one of the best content creation tools to increase your website traffic.
  • It is based on competitor’s content.
  • Create, edit, edit, SEO, improve, improve, promote and market your content
  • Research Documents, SEO Optimization, Digital Content Optimization, Calendar Content Lander, Theft Report, WordPress Sync, and Portfolio.
  • Backend table with the published article
  • Article and backup versions
  • Sell ​​your article

Blogely Lifetime Deal, check one of the best content apps. It provides extensive research, seamless writing experience, all-inclusive organization of full content, easy-to-use non-page SEO for non-tax, stealth scanner-friendly, accessible, and, of course, easy publishing platforms (WordPress, Ghost, Medium, etc.) on CMS. It helps bloggers grow their website traffic by streamlining their blog content and SEO more effectively and efficiently.

It helps bloggers grow their website traffic by streamlining their blog content and SEO more effectively and efficiently.

The main features of a blog are useful and powerful, like a writing app and research disks. Plus, the way Blogley integrates with your WordPress sites at the click of a button is great.

What is Blogely?

This software is for content creators: bloggers, website owners, authors, freelancers, copywriters, editors, specialized builders, startups, content managers, and marketing directors.

Blogley is currently running an LTD or Lifetime deal. For $79, you can buy a business plan. The only real limitation is that you can only connect to one website. The developer offers unparalleled customer support.

It would be great if Blogely could offer SEO suggestions based on Google’s top-ranked pages instead.

The founder seems to be very motivated to make this excellent content optimization tool available. So maybe it will add this feature in the future.

Independent writers can create and maintain a writing portfolio on Blogley. You can create your own web page and customize it, complete with titles, descriptions, or your own logo!

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Blogely Features:

High-quality original content very quickly and publish it easily on WordPress

Users can make it easier for you to navigate their content through Bloggelly as those users can control you from start to finish without any problem Which helps bloggers to build more revenue and sales.

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Increase traffic by increasing SEO writing content without technical knowledge

Enables bloggers to increase website traffic. Using its powerful in-house AI print tool strengthens the writing of user writing and improves the efficiency of the SEO techniques and also does digital content optimization without prior knowledge.

For online creators, content groups, and bloggers who want to create quality driving-driving content

Blogley is a marketing and blog SEO software management that allows users to build, edit, organize, make good use of, develop, promote and market SEO can also create a content portfolio, which will help find clients faster.

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Pages in the author’s portfolio have a theft test

The theft report looks very good. You can use this feature to scan your articles and check stolen or duplicate content. The calendar is not as scary as other aspects of blogging, but it is a good touch. The Blogger platform is designed to help you create content for your website. It also offers platforms, content portfolios, and content marketing. Marketplace allows writers to sell their articles in a business.

WordPress Sync

Well, besides this finishing touch what some of these features mean – integration with WordPress.

WordPress Sync allows users to sync their WordPress websites via Googley in just a few minutes. All you have to do is download and activate the plugin, provide blogging with administrator and voila login details! Connection completed.

Custom templates

It would be great if I could create a workflow created with a variety of content (podcast, blog, video, etc.) and then quickly select when I create a new content clip.


Use built-in messages to communicate with customers and prospects. Use messaging in your portfolio or in your marketing content.


Blogley is a unique marketing platform for content creator online. Software that helps you create, edit, enrich your content portfolio, set up keywords, edit, collaborate, create, sell or provide services to your customers. The usefulness of Blogger’s search engines is key to standing on Google.

There are plenty of new features on the horizon, including improved functionality, high-quality original content, improved SEO metrics, and integration. This integration includes popular platforms such as Zapier, Sandfox, and other CMS platforms.

It doesn’t matter how many features Blage Street has built for an inexpensive piece of software.


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  • Strengthen your writing.
  • Simplify the flow of your marketing work
  • Real quality art is a quick and easy material
  • Easy for you to create unique content.
  • Organize all your assets – photos, files, notes, multimedia, links, and more.
  • Insert notes with the content marketing app or browser extension
  • Manage file libraries
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Response and control collection
  • Option to sell, sale, community, and donation
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