Bloo Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • It is the best tool for project managers, team leads, and startups for organizing their projects and boosting productivity.
  • Bloo does unify all your team communication files and to-do lists, so you have one organized place.
  • Bloo organizes work, so teams are clear on what and why it matters and how to get it done step by step, from small to big.
  • It targets the most important utilities required for effective team management: communication and team collaboration.
  • You can discuss what you’re working on with team members and brainstorm for better collaboration. Regular updates quickly let your team know what you’re working on.
  • The management team is very responsive and quick with solutions.

Bloo Lifetime Deal

What is Bloo?

Bloo is simple and affordable project coordination and management tool that works as one place for all your team communication, files, to-dos, and other important processes.

All growing businesses encounter similar problems like email threads that are way too long, chaotic group chats, and files all over the place. It means that work takes longer than it should, and that’s frustrating.


Bloo is an effective project management system that will solve such issues. It is so easy to use that person just naturally “get it” and powerful enough to run complex and demanding projects. They have cool stuff coming like Gantt charts, GraphQL APIs, Custom Per-Project User Permissions, File Folders (think Google Drive, but better), Public Projects, and Automatic Calendar Sync. Their ultimate goal is to help teams work better together.

Features of Bloo

With Bloo, you can enable yourself and your team members to keep a proper check of the project deadlines with the help of individual calendars. Also, you can view the tasks and team’s progress in real-time. This will help you enhance online project management.

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Once you begin using Bloo, you will be able to access the following features:

  • Bloo’s Kanban boards are going to help you streamline your project flow and help you with better team coordination.

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  • The discussion area features an exchange of messages and helps in brainstorming the biggest of ideas.
  • You need not worry about misplacing your files as Bloo offers you a feature of automatic backup.
  • When you are thinking of collaborating on your terms, Bloo lets you keep the rest of your projects private.
  • You can upload any file or document with Bloo’s support in multiple fields.
  • Process organization is much easier as Bloo helps you in creating lanes and presenting a visual about how far are you from achieving your goal.
  • Only the people who are a part of the project can see the important information. So, Bloo cuts down on any plan or information leak at the last minute.


  • If you are looking for a project management system, Bloo is your answer. It helps you to sort, filter, and do the needful search regarding all the to-do things and the required updates.
  • Automation to streamlining tasks is much possible as you can assign tasks with unique tags and also, form timeframes for things to do on priority.
  • There is turn project on and off features that work in your favor by maintaining a proper flow of work.


Plans and Pricing

Bloo acts like an affordable project management platform that is available in the form of License Tier 1, License Tier 2, and License Tier 3. You can avail of any of these plans by opting for a one-time purchase of $49, $98, and $147 respectively. The only difference is that license tier 1 is for 30 users and the rest of the two are for 75 and 150 users respectively.

The plans and pricing include the following:

  • You can opt for unlimited file uploads by the size of each file should not exceed 5GB.
  • You get access to unlimited activities, company calendars, custom fields, notifications, to-dos, updates, Kandan boards, and much more.

The plans are only for those who are new users and don’t have an existing account. The news users have the advantage of a money-back guarantee within 60 days. The users should redeem the purchased plan within 2 months from the date of purchase to enjoy lifetime access to the plan. You can also, upgrade or downgrade your plan in the future depending upon the need.


We hope that you found a powerful and effective solution that cuts through the noise with boards, calendars, chats, and more. The tool is almost a social media for office work with the easiest work throughout. If you need to organize your work and get people easily onboard, get Bloo!

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  • No training required, clear documentation, and videos.
  • Create unlimited checklists for each to-do, and assign multiple people per sub-item, with start dates and end dates.
  • It’s available anywhere you want to work: Web-based apps, Mac & Windows Apps, iOS & Android Apps.
  • Real-Time Sync. Never reload a page. Anytime your teammates do something on Bloo, you can instantly see it.
  • Kanban Boards. The best Kanban board you will ever use.
  • The calendar view is perfect for keeping an eye on your project plan—both cross-project and per-project calendars. Drag, drop, stretch.
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