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Quick Overview

If you are looking forward to getting a client service query answered, it might feel like a self-checkout at any grocery store. It can be more confusing than required. Insufficient and untimely customer service happens to be frustrating and comes with the potential to drive best leads away. What if an Omnichannel chatbot platform can help you get a little Smart Service with an AI chatbot online? Well, it seems that it can. Welcome to Botsify! Botsify is a fully managed chatbot platform that helps automatically answer each of your customers’ queries with the help of an omnichannel platform.

Botsify Lifetime Deal

Botsify is a no-code chatbot building platform that is designed to automate client service and helps improve responsiveness concerning better client retention. This chatbot solution makes client service way easier. It is a fully customizable virtual assistant that assists you in handling omnichannel user inquiries and may even be more preferred than WALL-E.

Ranging from questions regarding services and products to managing customer connections, you can readily automate all FAQs and support. If improving relationships, retention and leads remain on your business’s bucket list, Botsify is the best application for you. Now, you can readily automate customer service with this application.

The AI chatbot of this application can supply customer service with the help of WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and other websites. Shopify, Woocommerce WordPress sites can also leverage the benefits of the plugin and API integration of the chatbots of Botsify.

About Botsify

Botsify refers to an AI chatbot solution that can help select keywords utilized to trigger particular responses with alternative options to provide customers answers they require.  This application helps customers reach external web links or give rise to another chat flow when additional help is required.

In this application, you can utilize conversations for collecting user data like gender, contact, email, location, and more for analytics and future targeting. This omnichannel chatbot platform helps you, along with the chatbot, to know more about key audiences along with their frequently asked questions simultaneously. This chatbot can also send multimedia responses for meeting any client service challenge. If you have abundant carts, email follow-ups can automate customer service without sending individual hundred messages.

If you have the capability to reach out to the users in real-time whether it is day or night, this application can help you throughout your workday. It suggests products or fetches information from the CRM at quick speeds. For tougher inquiries and problems, customers directly can be connected to the service representatives while answering questions and transferring to the training queue.



Botsify, as a No-Code chatbot building platform, comes with a host of features that are helpful for your customers and your business together. Take a look at the following points to understand its key features.


  • Talking to users in real-time: Botsify helps you to talk to your users in real-time by training a chatbot for better conversations using unknown phrases and questions.
  • Omnichannel live chat service: Botsify refers to a managed chatbot platform that offers unified chat automation for your business. You can also get the service-connected with numerous platforms to set auto-responses.


  • Page Messaging Feature: With the page-messaging feature, You Can attract your visitors and turn them into possible leads. You can also track the activity with the online user feature by engaging them accordingly.
  • High-tech chatbot: It is one of those features that help customers in developing high-tech chatbots with no coding required so that the customers trust you in the long run.


These are the reasons why this omnichannel chatbot platform is right for you. Now you can build a strong connection with your audience, capture leads, get real-time support and get high conversion rates. Grab this deal now for attracting your customers by automating your chat and transferring speedy responses for real-time assistants. Make the most of this deal before anyone else gets it.

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  • With this application, you can power your client service with the help of an AI chatbot solution.
  • This is an alternative to Manychat, Chatfuel, and FlowXO.
  • You can connect unlimited integrations utilizing RSS feed, Integromat, Zapier, or JSON REST API.
  • This is ideal for agencies, recruiters, educators, and agents looking forward to automating their client service with a smart chatbot solution.
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