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Quick Overview

  • Even a simple task like writing emails becomes difficult and boring when it has to be repeated several times.
  • Automating your workflow would assist you to stay on top of deadlines and accomplish your internal processes, but it is difficult to get started if you do not have the knowledge to do coding.
  • It is a blessing if only there was a no-code work management platform that enables you to design your workflows, so you could course your entire profession on autopilot.
  • BREAKOUT is a workflow automation software that fits all processes that need finite-state workflows.
  • It has a modest in-built interface that enables anyone to build and systematize their workflows effortlessly.
  • You can modify your process permitting to your necessities and run continuous workflows.

Breakout Lifetime Deal


  • Breakout is the fresh way to preset monotonous business workflows while you devote more time to other essential things.
  • Workflows are an inevitable part of every growing industry, and streamlining them becomes significant when a company desires to scale.
  • When you require processes for onboarding, request management (travel, hiring, payments, and expenses), approval management, third-party management (candidates, vendors, customers), and occasionally even simple workflows like moving data between applications like Google Sheets and Slack, Breakout comes handy.
  • On Breakout, users can plan and automate their workflows in < 1 hour. We help users save more than 20 hours each month (that’s almost three additional days that one can spend with their family, friends, and pets )


  • With Breakout, you can generate processes that take along your teams, tools, and customers together, so your industry runs efficiently.


  • Get started by picking from one of many integrated templates or construct your own custom process from scratch.
  • You can form a workflow in minutes without any hassle of coding using features like vigorous assignment, dependences, deadlines, and restrictive logic.


  • You’ll also be able to assimilate with the tools you at present use, like Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Slack, email, and Zapier, linking them at any dynamic trigger in the workflow.
  • You can access all of your processes, tasks, team members, and more from the central dashboard.
  • Breakout launches the relevant workflow based on your institution’s processes as requests come in via form, spreadsheet, or API.
  • You can allot tasks and inform people distinctly, requesting approval or revision if required.


Project management through bespoke process boards and lively communication peculiarities-

  • With Breakout, you can design striking personalized forms or portals with your own imprinting, comprising your colors, logo, and images.
  • Modify your fields and alter the layout to fit your requirements while specifying which fields are compulsory.
  • You’ll also be able to create superficial facing public forms that you can easily share via link or embed on your website. Once someone submits a public form, Breakout will spontaneously generate a new card in the workflow it belongs to.


Create your own custom forms-

  • Breakout supports small and medium-sized businesses to simplify any process with enterprise-level automation.


  • You can start by using the free trial of 30 days, and we are sure you will never regret it!
  • You can opt for lifetime access to Breakout as it will assist in every step in your business.
  • You can upgrade by buying all future bolder plan updates.
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s precise for you.
  • It provides you with
  • the ability to upgrade or downgrade between 4 license tiers-Starter, Better. Bolder and Bigger!
  • It applies only for new users- a 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter what the reason.



Breakout is a no-code orchestration platform that lets you mechanize workflows to enhance manage all your business processes easily. You can design, Envisage and systematize any process. You create workflow processes and bring all elements of the business together so it can run on autopilot and, more definitely—all on a single platform.

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  • It builds processes that actually matter in our business and create workflow & checklist for core processes.
  • It creates a strategy & envision automation for any business process with an instinctive tranquil drag & drop flow builder.
  • It provides approvals for compliance & appraisals.
  • It also offers requests and tracks approval spontaneously to diminish fraud & legal liability.
  • It provides vivacious web forms & documents.
  • It generates attractive documents and digital forms.


  • It can run 1 or 1000 processes with nil effort.
  • It animatedly assigns tasks and dates to ease the burden.
  • All tasks & dates can be allotted automatically established on user-configurable logic.
  • It also evaluates processes for ease of use.
  • It can modernize your business processes with intellect to decrease delays and make them accessible.


  • It is made for prosperous teams -On the project & manages the team from a workspace.
  • It can generate teams, manage users & establish their access controls with just a click of a button.
  • It enables reviewing essential documents with your team.
  • It can help you work together with your team on invoices, proposals, contracts, agreements & much more.
  • It helps you stay updated with immediate progress.
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