Breezer Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Grow your business by advertising it and reach to more and more customers through a customer-based app.
  • Breezer is a platform that is created to help you to create a web-based application for your business that can engage users and a medium to have conversations with customers.
  • It is considered best for small businesses which need more customer interaction and engagement for their brand to gain popularity among new users.
  • It is a DIY app creation platform that allows you to create an app without having to code.
  • With Breezer, you can create, distribute, and manage your own created app from a single platform.

Breezer Lifetime Deal

Are you a small business holder or just have started a start-up? If yes, then gaining popularity and reaching new people must be one of your biggest business targets. But you have no or very little idea of being able to do so. What if I tell you that there is a very easy way to do so if you do it right. Introducing Breezer, which is a web-based platform that allows you to create your app. Though the app that you will create, will run on a browser, you can also add offline functionality to it.

Use Breezer to create, distribute, and manage your content on the application to engage users and hit conversations with customers. This helps you to regulate your content among people and gain popularity after interacting with people.

What is Breezer?

Breezer is a platform that is created to help you to create a DIY app on your own for your usage. The app that you create will help you to engage as many customers that connect with it. But if you are thinking that creating an application is out of your skills then do not worry at all.  It is a personal and professional App builder platform.

Breezer allows you to create a progressive web app (PWA) without you having to code. Progressive web apps or PWA are the web-based application that runs on the web browser using APIs and features along with its progressive web enhancement and looks exactly like its native desktop or mobile application.

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Features of Breezer

  • Easy to use: You can create a progressive web application using Breezer without facing any hardship while doing it. You can create a web-based application within very little time without doing any tiring code. Managing the application, created with Breezer is also easygoing.
  • Add Offline Functions: Even though you create a web-based application that runs on the user’s browser and needs an internet connection, Breezer allows you to create an app and also add offline functions to it.
  • Add Events and Programs: The best way to gain attention is by engaging users and interacting with interested customers and sorting out their problems or questions. With Breezer, you can add events and programs to engage users and customers and interact with them more easily.

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  • Secure and e-commerce friendly: The platform is e-commerce friendly which means no difficulty in advertising your business. Also, you can add a subscription feature and a payment method trusting the security of the platform.

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  • Robust Business Tools: Breezer provides you amazing business tools to manage your online store and also deliver the logistic data in your online marketplace. Add a user chat option, push notification, and access to loyalty features.
  • Manage your app: Journey with Breezer does not end the moment you are done creating the app. You can update features and distribute and manage all the content using Breezer.


Gain popularity and user attention through an application that is solely created for this purpose. Breezer allows you to create an app without you having to code. With more than a few features, Breezer is a  very good option to create, distribute and manage your content among users to gain attention and grow your business.

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  • Create your app without having to code for it.
  • Using Breezer, create a customer-based DIY app without any hardship.
  • It is a very good alternative to other platforms such as Appypie,, and Goodbarber.
  • Create and customize an app to reach as many people as possible to gain some popularity for your business.
  • Use the app that you created by yourself to distribute, manage, and engage your app content using a single platform only.
  • Add different events and programs to your app to engage customers and gain popularity for your small business.
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