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Quick Overview

  • Brilliant Directories enables you to highlight over 20 different modules on your website with customizable settings for each.
  • It also permits you to customize your website with settings for colors, fonts, etc., that automatically apply across your website.
  • This software allows you to set different membership levels along with the payment gateway of your choice.
  • Brilliant Directories even enables you to create a separate list of members to engage with through email marketing.
  • Pre-made content templates on Brilliant Directories allow you to create new content with high customization options.
  • You can give members the right to share and contribute their content in the form of articles, discussions, and events.

Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deal

In today’s world, we see tons of opportunities for talented professionals to make a living using their skills. It has given rise to many unconventional job opportunities. Anyone with sufficient knowledge or experience can find a way to share it while deriving an income. It has been made possible through membership websites and communities.

Anyone can start a community where the members pay you a pre-decided amount to access and view your content. But how does one get started on creating a membership portal? Today we are sharing with you Brilliant Directories, a software that allows you to Create Online Directory Websites. Keep on reading to know everything about Brilliant Directories.

What are Brilliant Directories?

Brilliant Directories is a website directory software that allows you to launch, manage and monetize your membership platform, providing you with all the needed tools. Most of the designing job is already done for you, providing you with a choice to pick the desired layout for your website. You can choose your preferred mode of payment and even set different membership tiers as you like. Brilliant Directories is an all-in-one directory platform that makes it easy for you to begin and manage your monetized platform.

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Features of Brilliant Directories

Now that we have understood what Brilliant Directories are, it’s time to go over some of the reasons that make it the Best Directory Software. Here are the top features of Brilliant Directories:

Easily set up your membership website:

With Brilliant Directories, you can start your membership platform in just a few clicks. You can choose from the pre-designed website templates to Create Online Directory Websites. From custom search module to real-time design editor, have control over the layout.

Customize your website to match your brand:

After setting up a membership website with Brilliant Directories, you have options to customize your website completely. With this website directory software, choose from the various color, fonts, and other design options to match your website to your brand aesthetics.

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Manage member through a simple dashboard:

The all-in-one directory platform lets you manage your members with a comprehensive platform. Through it, you can view the profile of your members, their payment details, send them an email, change their payment mode, among other action prompts.

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Have complete control over your revenues:

Brilliant Directories lets you set multiple plan options for your members, allowing different perks and privileges for each tier. What’s more, with this powerful membership platform, you get the 100%revenue generated through your website without any commission cut.

Generate content that generates high traffic:

Now, you have access to various SEO tools that allow you to generate content that will drive high traffic to your membership website. With optimization tools, you can ensure that your content is engaging, making Brilliant Directories the Best Directory Software.

Ensure total security of your website:

With Brilliant Directories, you can lay your worries about thefts or data breaches to rest. This all-in-one directory platform has features like a secured SaaS platform, SSL Security, and a closed source network to protect your data and revenue.


If you are looking to create a well-functioning and powerful membership platform, Brilliant Directories provides you with the perfect opportunity. The software has many essential features for Content Publishing, Membership Management, and Monetization Tools, which guide you in developing your website.

This software allows you to develop your membership community by doing more than 90% of your work. The various customization and editing tools enable you to create a portal of your choice. All these features make Brilliant Directories the Best Directory Software for you.

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  • Choose the desired payment gateway and receive 100% proceeds from your members.
  • Create a segmented list of members based on your preference and even export it.
  • Make your content accessible to members based on their membership level.
  • Easily change the layout of your website with options that apply without any coding.
  • Allow your members to publish their content in the form of ads, reviews, or photos.
  • Edit all your posts and content to maintain a uniform look across your entire website.
  • Get a snapshot of the key analytics of your website with finance and member data.
  • Brilliant Directories is available in 5 plan options, making them accessible to everyone.
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