Captain Data Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Captain Data is an online extraction tool for collecting vital customer data from all leading websites.
  • With Captain Data, you can import valuable data about leads and import them to your favorite data apps.
  • Captain Data offers you access to over 100 workflow templates with different automation patterns.
  • Using Captain Data, you can integrate with any app or platform of your choice with a world-class API.
  • Captain Data shares everything about configurations with informative how-to guides.

Captain Data Lifetime Deal

To grow your online business, every company needs new customers that generate from your potential leads. With targeted marketing practices, you can convert them into paying customers. It implies that the first step of broadening your audience base is discovering new targets for your products or services. But finding these potential consumers is highly time-consuming.

We all wish for a simplistic solution to collect all the relevant information related to your business. It will help us save hours so that you can focus on other important matters. Today we are here to share a data extraction automation tool that solves all your data collection problems. Meet Captain Data, your all-in-one data compilation tool.

What is Captain Data?

Captain Data is an advanced tool for extracting data automatically from leading websites. It includes Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Salesforce, and other data-related platforms. With Captain Data, you can integrate all the information you collect online with your desired tools with API keys and connectors. This no-code automation platform offers you automated workflow templates designed with singular or multiple steps. You can configure any workflow of your choice in less than a few minutes. Marketing agencies can create multiple accounts for their clients without giving them complete access to your data.


Features of Captain Data

We are sure that you gained a good idea about what Captain Data is and how this tool works. Now let us go over the top features of this automate lead generation tool to help you understand why you need it in your life:


Now you can extract your required data from over 30 leading websites:

With this data extraction automation tool, you can receive critical customer data related to your business from all popular websites. The list includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Trust Pilot, Crunchbase, Lemist, among others.

Captain Data2

Integrate this vital information collected with any data tool of your choice:

In addition to extracting data automatically, you can now even plug it to any platform or app of your liking. Thanks to seamless integrations, transfer your data to any CRM, spreadsheet, and social media.


Share your analytics with outsiders without giving them complete access:

With Captain Data, you can also share your extracted data from this no-code automation platform with your clients. Create a seperate account for them to protect your entire data from outside access.

Captain Data1

Get access to over 100 multi-step workflow templates for all your needs:

Using Captain Data, you can  automate lead generation for your business with efficient workflow templates designed for your convenience. There are more than 100 options with different patterns for all your needs.

Captain Data4


Now connect with any tool of your choice, thanks to the API connectors:

This data extraction automation tool comes with a world-class API that allows you to connect with your favorite apps and software. Now integrate with all your required apps for a seamless workflow.

Captain Data3

Learn to manage your configurations with informative how-to guides:

Captain Data helps you learn everything you need about extracting data automatically with their edicative how-to guides. Now get a straightforward walkthrough on creating configurations with detailed steps and work effortlessly.



In this article, we shared everything you need to know about Captain Data. A no-code automation platform that helps you manage your data effortlessly. Using Captain Data, you can say goodbye to manually searching online for business leads for your CRM. Compile the desired information from trusted online websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more.

With Captain Data, you can save time by working with the pre-designed multi-step workflow templates. In addition, to Automate lead generation, Captain Data will help you integrate with any tool of your liking, thanks to the world-class API. Get detailed error reports and proxy accounts for your account. So switch to Captain Data and level up your data extraction game!

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  • Now create unlimited workflows to automate your data with Captain Data.
  • Extract data from one or more websites and export them to any platform.
  • Get support from experienced engineers to solve all your problems and queries.
  • Set up workflow automations that work for you in less than two minutes.
  • Keep all your data in sync for your accounts without giving outside access.
  • Pick from five different plans with varying features suitable for your needs.
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