Chatmatic Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Chatmatic is a chatbot that helps you to communicate with potential clients through chatbots.
  • Chatmatic makes communication easier for you by letting you use chatbots to approach your potential clients, as otherwise, it is practically impossible to get in touch with all.
  • With Chatmatic, you can activate the automation of Facebook messenger and Instagram sequences.
  • It gives the conversation a high quality that helps you sell products in a faster and easier way.
  • It is best for those marketing agencies which want to engage with clients faster and makes the deal done more easily and small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs) to list automatically.
  • Chatmatic is a substitute for Manychat.

Chatmatic Lifetime Deal

People search for products as per their choice through the internet whenever they want. The plus point is that there is no one to force them to buy anything. Customers can buy whatever they want and need as per their budget. But these things make customers comfortable and give headaches to the business owners.

Business owners try their best and give their everything to complete the fulfilment of their leads to turn them into buyers. Therefore, owners always search for the best ways to engage with their leads. But what if we offer you the best chatbot which can help you in many ways in the conversational selling platform. If it seems interesting to you, let’s know about Chatmatic.

What Is Chatmatic?

Chatmatic is a unique all-in-one chatbot. It offers you many important and valuable features that will help you to gain subscribers in many ways. It provides you with the features of customization, personalization, and many more. It helps you to reach the leads and turn them into customers. It will give the conversation a different level of uniqueness that will help you run your business properly in messaging platforms. You can customize lead-generating sequences through Chatmatic. Chatmatic has the best features to make your job easy. It helps you from initiation to completion for selling your products. So, you can handle your business properly with the help of Chatmatic.

Chatmatic 4

Features of Chatmatic:

After you fully understand how Chatmatic works, you have to know about its features and tools. Now, let’s see its top best features that will make you understand why it is the best automated chatbot.

Chatmatic offers customization and personalization for all devices:

You can customize and personalize your messages as you want. For example, various customers will contact you. You can customize your messages based on your users’ reactions. You can also personalize messages for every response you get.

Chatmatic 1

Customize your message-based sequences with a drag-and-drop builder:

You can use the drag-and-drop builder to handle your message-based sequences properly. You can also use a sequence template.

Chatmatic 2

Convert your leads to customers by comment trigger feature:

With this feature, you can convert your leads to your customers. In addition, you can use this feature to reply to your Facebook post comments and make your leads more interested in your product.

Chatmatic 3

Integrate with tools like Zapier and Webhook:

Chatmatic has integrations with tools like Zpier and Webhook. These will help you to work easily.

Chatmatic offers lead generating sequences:

You can create lead-generating sequences that will help you to get leads from Facebook Messenger.

Live chat with Customers:

It provides you with the feature to connect with your customer. For example, you can have a live chat with customers and reply to them instantly.

Quickly create messages:

You can quickly create the messages you want. You can customize messages to welcome, give automatic responses to your customers.



We hope that Chatmatic will help you in every possible way to build your business. You can use it on multiple chat-based platforms to promote your product. Customization and Personalization will help you to increase your sales. You can use the lead-generating sequences to boost your sale. Chatmatic is very easy to use and helps you with proper tools. The best thing is that you can publish your sequence templates. You can earn 50% of the sale’s income.

Chatmatic offers you everything that can boost your sales. It will make your messenger work as you want. It has unique features that will save your time daily. You will find every important tool that will help you to connect with your leads. So, get Chatmatic today and increase your sales as never before.

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  • You can easily customize messages through Chatmatic.
  • You can use sequence templates or drag-and-drop builders to customize the sequences of messages.
  • You have options to customize every detail, and you can also personalize messages as you want.
  • Chatmatic offers you to customize all conversations with an automatic message feature to tackle various users easily.
  • After turning on the comments feature, It will help you connect with leads and make valuable conversations with them.
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