CloudSocial Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Publish and respond to posts on all your social media channels from one place
  • Alternative to: Sprout Social and Agorapulse
  • Get the scoop on customer sentiment, industry trends, and competitor strategies with advanced web crawling
  • Best for: Social media and digital marketing managers looking for a complete social media management tool to boost efficiency

In this tech-savvy world, social media has become a crucial part of our lives. And there is a plethora of social media platform that is required to be handled by a single person, and they end up juggling between the log-ins. CloudSocial is a social media management platform that combines all the social media into one platform and helps you in managing and posting across every account user has on the internet.

Introduction of CloudSocial

CloudSocial is one of the top social media management tools. It is a cloud-based platform that helps the user to manage their multiple social media platforms efficiently. It makes the whole process easier for users to respond to the customers efficiently from one platform. Moreover, it lets the user analyze the performance of their social media platform easily. CloudSocial allows user to strategize their social media for increasing engagement.

Social media is inevitable; hence it has become essential to have a social media management tool. CloudSocial is a one-stop platform solution that is best for social media users and digital marketing managers.

Functionalities of CloudSocial

1. Publishing content easily

It becomes easy to reach your audience by posting instantly on every platform with top-notch quality content on time. This social media management tool facilitates increment in engagement on all your platforms with its recurrence feature.

2. Easy scheduling

CloudSocial is a top social media management tool that helps you to schedule your content to be posted according to different time zones. This strategy allows you to maximize engagement and earn more social media followers.

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3. Ad Manager

You can manage your ad-campaigns across all social media platforms seamlessly with this social media management platform. Moreover, you can easily optimize your ad budget by controlling the expenditure on ads and the time duration of the ads as well.

4. Easy Plug-ins

Plug-ins have become an integral part of social media. Great content with the amalgamation of proper social media marketing gives exceptional results on social media. With the help of a plug-in, you can easily post your content to social media handles directly through CloudSocial.

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5. Multiple social media channels

This social media management tool helps you to manage all your social media accounts seamlessly. You can comfortably respond to messages, tweets, comments, and etcetera from it through the Omni box. You get a 360-degree interaction with your audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Email.

6. Analytics

With CloudSocial, analyzing social media metrics and developing deep insights into your social media platforms becomes viable. Moreover, you can easily understand consumer behavior, which helps you in making better business decisions. You even get an aggregated view of your analytics with day, week, and month view.

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SocialCloud is a social media management platform that acts as an umbrella for multiple social media handles that with its help, can be managed and optimized easily from one location. With this cloud-based social media management tool, analyzing the trend and engagement has become easy, which allows user to strategize their social media more efficiently to increase engagement with methods such as timely posting and quick replying.

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  • Publish and respond swiftly
  • Post on all social media with ease
  • Social Media Marketing becomes easy.
  • Best for Digital Marketing Manager
  • Best for Social Media Management
  • Boosts social media management efficiency
  • Get to know about Industry trends
  • Get to know about Competitor Strategy
  • Advanced Web Crawling
  • Get to know about customer sentiment
  • One-stop for social media enthusiasts
  • Easy to respond to your audience
  • Recurrence
  • Sentimental Analytics
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