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Quick Overview

  • Connected helps you with a secure file delivery by providing you with the option of maintaining safety and protecting your data from any theft, fraud, or misuse on the way.
  • Connected can be understood in the form of an excellent file transfer service that opts for a combination of identity verification and encryption of messages between the recipients whenever there is a transfer of any crucial information.
  • Businesses can make use of connected as a secure tool that enhances the degree of safety of their business transactions and communications, alongside covering the data from any kind of breach or misuse.
  • There is a simple way of using this business tool. Make sure that the file size does not cross 5GB and that the entered recipient’s email address is correct. You can leave the rest on this tool for protection and security.

Connected Lifetime Deal

What is Connected

Connected is a platform that acts as a combination of various tools that work well in the proper handling of data and securing data communications. There is a reduced risk related to data security and protection. This tool promises an efficient result that further, ensures compliance with GDPR and HIPPS laws.

In the recent scenario, companies and businesses are witnessing a gradual shift in their services to the online platforms for a better stance in the e-commerce world. But, the advent of the internet has associated risks like misuse of data, malfunctions, misrepresentation and interpretation, leaks, hacking risks, and much more.

Connected ensures an extraordinary combination inclusive of identity verification along with end-to-end data encryption, and secured mode of transfer. In simple words, Connected is a virtual shield that makes sure that the transfer process between the interested parties and business partners is easy, rewarding, secure, and safe to meet the industry standards.


Features of Connected

  • Connected provides you with the ability to store files, folders, and documents in vaults that have AES 256 encryption.


  • Trusting any tool is quite a difficult task and hence, Connected leaves no stone unturned to win over your trust. You can add another security layer and enable two-factor authentication for vault access. The vault will only be accessible post the user enters an OTP that will be a part of your phone.


  • You need not worry as the vaults are private but still help you with the easy transfer of documents and files in a single click.
  • If you wish to add unknowns and help them download the vault files, you have the option of publicizing it for the public.
  • Connected makes the file transfer service easy by focusing on the use of digital signatures so that no modifications work. Originals are confirmed every time with a validated message with the files to cross-check for an authentic user identity.

Plans and Pricing

If you wish to have access to easy and secure sharing that promises authentication and data protection, you can choose from 3 plans namely the single plan, the double plan, and the multiple plans. These plans are available at a one-time purchase value worth $69, $138, and $207. These plans allow 7 users, 15 users, and 25 users respectively. These plans will include all the features in all plans without any discrepancies. Also, the storage space is 5 TB, 10 TB, and 20 TB, respectively.

However, the single plan does not come with the availability of a custom subdomain which is a part of the rest two. If you don’t like the plans or terms, you can opt for a money-back guarantee within 2 months. No matter what the reason is, you can ask for your money back. Also, make sure that if you are buying the code, plan its redemption within 60 days.


Connected file sharing is an efficient and effective way to boost the working and transfers, and further, comply with the related data laws. There is an array of enterprise solutions and transactions alongside retention policies that help in proper working and industry regulations.

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  • The biggest advantage of connected is that it acts as a perfect alternative to other sharing applications like SmartFile, ShareFile, and GoAnywhere MFT.
  • If you have been looking for a resource tool that not only promises a better degree of efficiency but also helps you with a secure file transfer alongside deep integration for the cloud storage options, your search ends at Connected.
  • There are a lot of transfer and saving options available for both you and the customers.
  • Transferring and sending files up to 5GB is possible. Once the recipients are a part of your browser you need not worry about Connected’s ability to dissolve all security issues during the transfer.
  • Connected proves to be an excellent pick for the designers, marketers, and the sales team as the transmission of miles amongst customers and for collaborations is possible without the risk of the data being misused or leaks.
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