Consolto Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Consolto is a combination of an all-in-one video conferencing and CRM platform tool that helps in increasing your chances of increasing remote sales and establishing a better customer base.
  • This tool helps you know your customer inside out. You can know the customer’s current requirements and also, predict their future needs and expectations. The CRM hosts help in getting access to centralized data in the form of meeting summaries, document sharing, voice and text sharing, contact forms and so much more.
  • This tool enhances your online meetings by letting you use personalized pages for a simplified and organized process.
  • The user can offer two-way screen sharing and customer support that enhances the degree of customer engagement.

Consolto Lifetime Deal

What is Consolto

In this era of technology, the internet is a blessing that is taking over and helping in providing solutions to all our problems. When physical meetings are not possible, Consolto steps in like a star and dissolves all barriers on the way. Consolto is a video chat platform that helps in conducting remote meetings. The user can plan their day and schedule appointment. Also, this is a CRM platform that allows messaging. It promotes a simple and organized way that enhances remote sales and consultations in the virtual world.

This tool has the capability to help your customers feel that you value their time and availability. Hence, they are capable of supporting bi-directional scheduling in which your customers can send you meeting schedules and appointments, apart from receiving them from your end. The Google Calendar is the best addition in the tool that helps in team configuration for the time slots for the promotion of collaborative integration from both ends.

Features of Consolto

Here are some of the features of Consolto that you would not want to miss out on:

Consolto 2

  • The best way of running the businesses is that the customers should always be the center of attraction and have the advantage of making changes to the meeting schedules. This tool hits that chord in the right way as the customers’ availability is a priority and they can opt for two-way integration of calls and chats.

Consolto 3

  • Colsolto offers the advantage of a white-label interface and there are no more installations required. You can use the centralized data available to get your hands on valuable customer information that will help the business expand its horizons.
  • There is a centralized location for all the remote sessions, so both the service providers and customers can enhance their productivity.
  • This tool helps in adding many agents on the same page and prioritize them in the form of providing access permissions and setting up a fruitful environment that is up for healthy conversation and growth ideas.

Consolto 1

  • You don’t have a domain for your website? No issues as this are the best CRM platform that will provide you with a chance to opt for customized communication pages for your online meetings and request meetings whenever you need.
  • Interaction statistics are rewarding that include benefits like extracting information like the amount of time any customer spends on the page and also the number of views on each page.

Consolto 4

  • If you are thinking about attracting more audiences for your products and services globally, this website will help you to pitch for businesses, strive for consultations, and engage in shows to mark a better virtual presence.

Plans and Pricing

There are 3 plans with the name of License Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 that are available at a one-time purchase amount of $59, $99, and $289 respectively. In these plans, the user will get 20 conferencing hours per host per month in the License Tier 1, and the same increases to 100 hours and unlimited hours for Tier 2 and 3. You get 1, 3, and 10 websites respectively along with 1, 2, and 10 team members each.

However, some of the features are only available in the Tier 3 plan. These include:

  • 100 call recordings
  • Advantage of money transfer


Consolto is a trusted tool for virtual consultation between companies and customers. Also, this is a great tool that helps in making quality customer insights available to the businesses conveniently and helps the professional relationship between the companies grow and dwell for a long time.

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  • Consolto transforms your website window and gives it the vibe of a perfect virtual office that helps you to video chat while rendering a great customer experience.
  • Consolto is a perfect alternative to the common video calling platforms like Google Meet, Calendly, and Zoom.
  • Remote meetings are a treat with this application. It allows you to use crisp customer data and schedule meetings in advance.
  • You can embed this feature into your website that will help to deliver a personal and trusted communication experience with the customers. Also, you can go for a custom ClickNTalk micro-site for the same.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic and any similar situation, when remote functioning and client deliverables are the only way to function, this tool is a must-try.
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