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Quick Overview

  • The search for a seamless content management system ends with the presence of a content camel. Content is an asset for any business’s growth. It provides better results if all the concerned parties have proper access to the same.
  • There is a constant need to share content through different forums and platforms. By using this tool, you will realize that sharing was never so much easier. There is a shareable short link for all the content needed.
  • In this era of creativity, the user can opt for domain customization and path along with your domain. For one-on-one conversations, these links are good options. These links will be helpful in the business campaigns.
  • The content assets can be easily created. But, what matters is their proper organization and timely availability. Content camel is a solution for streamlining the content assets that promise a better and easy search of the needed result on time.
  • There are a lot of filters for the users. These help in transforming the search into a smooth process. The user can take it through a series of processes that include tags, products, regions, and a lot more.

Content Camel Lifetime Deal

What is Content Camel

Sales maximization is what will keep your business going in the competition. Technology and advancement are going to take you places. Content camel will help you organize and track winning content and further, dig in in-depth for relevance and better use. This is a great hack for you to hop onto custom proposals. The user can also, opt for the updated sales deck, and even get through relevant case studies quickly. The best thing about using Content Camel is that you can get access to anything and everything no matter if you remember the file name or not.


  • Content Camel is the marketing content management software that can take you places while helping you track the performance of the assets. This tool helps to share what people have updates upon, and even something that they don’t share.

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  • This tool helps you get browser and email notifications that act as an alert whenever any customer is surfing for any asset. So, you have an explicit chance of hitting the bull’s eye. Sales are all the better with such appropriate behavior and quickness.

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  • You can further be choosing to bundle your content. This bundling will act as a guide for people belonging to different prospects of people like customers, readers, partners, researchers, scholars, and much more.
  • This tool helps you create your content into a site page that can help you ping in a personalized introduction and further, track all assets in a single place.

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  • This tool works well with the chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions for content access. This is possible anytime you choose to work on the internet.
  • This tool reduces the need to open many tabs for sending, finding, and sharing content in an emergency. So, you have ample time and energy to save and use it in other places of need.

Plans and Pricing

The content management system is available as License tiers 1, 2, and 3. The one-time purchase for each of them is $69, $139, and $299, respectively. All are available for 5 users, 35 users, and 150 users. The GB storage stands at 250, 750, and 2 TB.

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These packages include unlimited assets and help with custom branding on URLs and buyer experiences. There are content audit exports that help you track and reveal the content that is aging out and further, run custom reports. Also, the packages will help your teamwork up-to-date with regular announcements regarding the new contents in line.


Content Camel is your solution where all the searching and finding the content assets end. You can opt for searching through category, and further, letting you gain access of all what you need for improved results. The whole process is a matter of a few seconds.

Content camel is what you need to level up your content organization needs. This tool stimulates the sharing processes across interfaces. You need not type everything. Just think of the asset that you need and let this tool lead your way for the best insights and results.

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  • Content Camel is a sales enablement tool that acts as an excellent alternative to highspot.
  • Using a content camel, the user gains the advantage of organizing all the content. The user can take the content through the funnel stage, content type, products, industry, as well as, hashtags.
  • Building the engagement pages is a lot easier with this tool. The users can further, share individual assets. Also, the user can opt for track analytics that results in squeezing out the most from the created content on various platforms to meet an array of needs.
  • This is the best shot for you if you are a part of various marketing agencies and sales teams. This tool is what you need if you want better management. You can be sure of a good organization of your content assets.
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