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Quick Overview

  • ContentBot generates everything from blogs, sale ads, slogans, brand names to promotional emails for you.
  • The content produced through ContentBot is up to 95 percent original and looks like human text.
  • ContentBot lets you create blog ideas, an introduction, and an outline for your post in just a few seconds.
  • New tools and features are constantly added to ContentBot to provide you with the best resources.
  • Along with content generation, ContentBot also inspires you with its automated inspiration tool.
  • ContentBot is perfect for copywriters, SEO specialists, and everyone looking to generate new content.

ContentBot Lifetime Deal

For any business to be successful, the marketing strategy of the company plays a huge role. And better marketing of your products and services requires high-quality content on your website and blog. These should have content that is not only easily understandable but also engaging and attractive. It means that every piece of content on your website and social media should be charming to encourage customers to buy from you.

But constantly generating unique content is not as easy as one might think. From writer’s block to plagiarism and duplicity, there are many obstacles in creating new content regularly. To combat this situation, you need a reliable tool that will help you in generating unique and refreshing content. That’s why we introduce you to ContentBot, an AI-based content creator that lets you generate original content.

What is ContentBot?

It is a content generator based on AI that helps you create new content in a matter of seconds. ContentBot generates every content ranging from brand names and slogans to sales blogs and promotional emails. The tool has more than 25 tools that make content generation easy. Along with content generation, ContentBot also has tools to inspire new content and generates outlines for them. With this AI Text Generator, online content creation doesn’t take you hours to create a unique blog post. Let us find out how ContentBot can help you produce relevant and appealing content for your business.

Features of ContentBot

Now that we have gone through what ContentBot is, it’s time to know the features of this Content Management Tool. Below are the top features of ContentBot that make it an indispensable content generation tool.

AI Text Generator, online

The AI-based tool will generate unique content:

The OpenAI’s GPT-3 natural language processing system that powers ContentBot ensures that your content is unique. With uniqueness, readability, and plagiarism tools, end all your worries when you start using this Content Management Tool.

ContentBot takes care of all your marketing content needs:

With this AI Text Generator, online content generation is a child’s play. You can create everything from catching names and slogans to informative blog posts and emails for your customers on ContentBot.

AI Content Generator

Get inspired with the Automated Inspiration tool:

ContentBot even has a tool designed to provide you inspiration for your future posts. You can even set a reminder to receive daily, weekly, and monthly inspiration with this Content Generator Tools.

Generate an introduction to outline for your posts:

From writing an introduction to your posts to creating an outline for your draft post, ContentBot takes care of everything. With this AI Content Generator, a blank page will never haunt you again.

Content Management Tool

ContentBot has up to 25 tools with regular updates:

ContentBot currently has up to 25 tools that take care of everything from plagiarism to SEO of your content. The constant updating process adds new features to assist you, generate original content.

Works for everyone from copywriters to business owners:

Whether you are a writer, blogger, business owner, SEO specialist, or digital marketer, ContentBot helps everyone create engaging content. This Content Management Tool also has a WordPress plugin that integrates with Gutenberg effortlessly.


Through this article, we have introduced you to the most efficient content generator tools that will completely transform the way you create content online. ContentBot has more than 25 essential features that ensure that your content is always unique and plagiarism-free, and engaging to your audience. Also, the content generated through ContentBot doesn’t take more than just a few seconds. So get this AI content generator now and say goodbye to writer’s block forever.

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  • Get the uniqueness and readability score of each content generated through ContentBot.
  • OpenAI’s GPT-3 language processing system enables human-like text.
  • ContentBot can create content for both new and evergreen topics for your blog.
  • It writes likable introductions for your blogs and emails, giving you a great head start.
  • Create a structured breakdown of the post, complete with sections and subsections.
  • The SEO tools ensure that your content will appeal to a larger audience.
  • ContentBot also has a WordPress plugin along with a web app for easy usage.
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