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Quick Overview

  • CookieYes is a cookie consent solution that helps website owners to compile cookies with huge data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.
  • CookieYes is an online digital platform that allows you to access an overall cookie consent management solution for your website.
  • With the help of this cookie consent solution provider, you will be able to keep track of all the rules for supervising your site cookies.
  • This online platform helps you with your cookie consents and script blocking while coping up with the privacy laws.
  • This GDPR compliance software is an alternative option to cookie bot in terms of cookie management services and solutions.
  • CookieYes provides a step by step guide for banner fixture and also support all types of content management systems (you can switch between different CMS easily)

CookieYes Lifetime Deal, this is a platform that assures you that your website can manage cookies and can collect all the useful data without any stress. From visitor’s consent for cookies to logging user consent, everything is covered by CookieYes. A free privacy policy generator is provided by CookieYes to its users so that they can create a different privacy policy page for their website, which will comply with the legal standards in 2mins. At the initial stage, with the help of live chat support, you can complete the installation process and also overcome any installation problems without any waste of time. One thing by which you can establish trust in your website and also contribute to your business growth by way of managing visitor’s data securely. At present, they have blocked 20 third-party cookies, provide for more than ten customization options, support 15 CMS, and have about 25000 cookies in their personal cookies dictionary. Compliance notice plugin is one of the most desirable features of CookieYes that will assist you in creating your website GDPR compliant. CookieYes is a cloud, SAAS, and web-based platform. It is very easy to manage cookies on CookieYes as you can manually add or remove cookies and scripts under different cookie categories.

A CSV file can also be used to import a cookie. You will see this option GDPR cookie consent: cookie list. While adding a new cookie you will be asked to fill up some blank fields like the title for cookie, description, type, category, duration, sensitivity and body script, etc. Its policy generator feature will ask you a certain question before creating a policy like what a cookie is, a description about it, what type of cookie it is and how it is used, and how I can control cookie preferences. At last, when you are done with installing and activating the GDPR cookie consent plugin on your website, then you have to activate the license of the plugin to get regular updates of plugins.



  • It scans your website for cookies automatically once you are done with installing the consent banner.
  • It also creates a legally compliant banner for cookies in which the scanned cookies are automatically categorized.

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  • The visitors to the website are allowed to give their consent for different categories of cookies by use of the smart cookie categorization feature.

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  • Your cookie consent banner will be displayed depending upon the visitor’s location, and it will automatically convert the cookie banner and website in the native language of the visitor’s region.

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  • CookieYes will provide its user with other additional features like the branding of custom, different types of consent, automatic script blocking, premium support, compliance with CCPA, CSS customization, geo-targeting cookie banner, DNT feature, and advanced banner customization.



CookieYes is a platform that came shortly into the market after GDPR. It was built with the aim of building a cookie compliance solution that can be integrated with any website. It has a round cookie consent tool to collect, store, manage, and provide proof of compliment with global data privacy regulations.

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  • CookieYes is an online digital platform that for your website allows you full control over the look and content of the cookie consent banner.
  • This GDPR cookie consent software is best for web developers, designers, site owners, and their admins who want their website to be cookie compliant with data security and privacy laws.
  • It provides all its domains with tools like scanning cookies, automatically blocking the third-party cookie, and can translate the banner into 26 different languages.
  • It will allow you to store all your consent records and customization preferences securely in its cloud storage for easy access.
  • It automatically blocks all the cookies place by major third-party service providers like YouTube, Facebook pixel, and Google analytics before they obtain any user consent or information.
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