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Quick Overview

  • Crikle is a comprehensive video conferencing tool that lets you do everything you need from a single dashboard in one tab.
  • With Crikle, you can create and share presentations with your customers and even share content from your library.
  • You get options like Automatic Video Summaries, Note Taker, Video Recorder, and CRM Sync to increase your productivity.
  • Crikle offers CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, along with Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar.
  • By choosing Crikle, you can easily set up meetings, send custom invites, and conduct face-to-face conferences with customers.

Crikle Lifetime Deal

In this digital world, we have seen a notable shift in our modes of communication, including the way businesses interact with customers and vice-versa. And after the global restrictions of lockdown and quarantine, we have been forced to retort to use online communication as our primary option. But traditional video conferencing software lacks essential features that make this process extremely difficult.

Lack of clarity and resolution, confusion between different tabs, and syncing issues, are just a few to name. But your search for a versatile video conferencing app ends now. Say hello to Crikle, your comprehensive video tool that lets you present and record your video meetings.

What is Crikle?

Crikle is simplified video software that allows you to communicate with your customers with an option to share HD images, videos, and remote business presentations. You can even record your video conferences and add timestamps to them. You can also connect with potential clients through face-to-face conversations to boosting your chances of completing your sales. Get real-time data about your customers and import that to your CRM. With Crikle, conduct your meetings from a single tab without switching back and forth between presentations, notes, and the video conferencing app.

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Features of Crikle

Now that we have shared what Crikle is and the brief working of this sale presenting and pitching platform, it’s time to go over its features. Here are the top features of Crikle that make it a must-have for you.

The sales automation will record all essential customer data for you:

Along with sending remote business presentations, you can also record your meetings, add timestamps, generate transcripts, and do much more. These automated features will let you save time while boosting your sales.

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HD Present for sharing optimum quality files with customers:

Crikle is a conferencing app that lets you share HD-quality content in the form of videos and images. With this presenting and pitching platform, you are sure to impress your customers with its True Colour Display.

Integrate your calendar and CRM tools to always stay on top:

Now you can integrate your CRM tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce with Crikle for auto-syncing of data. Your Google and Microsoft Calendars will automatically update with this video conferencing app.

Boost your CRM with automatic data capturing and import:

If you start using Crikle as your presenting and pitching platform, you can also stop worrying about managing CRM. Along with integrations and auto-sync, you can collect real-time data on your customers for detailed analysis.

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Schedule one-on-one appointments with potential customers:

With Crikle, you can identify customers who are most interested in your business and devote extra attention to them. You can even send them remote business presentations to convince them.

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Forget tab switching, note-taking, and checklists with Crikle:

Crikle is not your average presenting and pitching platform but has time-saving features to enhance your performance. With this software, no more switching between tabs, taking manual notes, or creating checklists as this app does everything for you.


If you are looking for an all-inclusive platform for video conferencing and sales meetings, then Crikle is the best tool for you. This multi-tasking tool lets you control your conference calls, present remote business presentations, and sync CRM from a single dashboard.

Crikle has features like HD video presentation, recording with timestamps, no tabs switching, and integration with HubSpot, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar. So when you switch to this video conferencing app, you can ensure that you will conduct all your meetings more effortlessly. Provide a boost to your sales pitches and presentations and skyrocket your revenues with Crikle.

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  • Conduct unlimited video conferencing meetings with up to 50 participants.
  • Share content in the form of HD videos, images, and presentations from your library.
  • Set up one-on-one conferences with your customers with custom invitations.
  • Integrate with your Google and Microsoft Calendar for effortless syncing of your schedule.
  • Take notes for your meeting in the Notes Taker and record them with timestamps.
  • The meeting scheduler lets customers set up the conference at their convenience.
  • Capture analytical data about your customers and directly import it to your CRM.
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