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Quick Overview

  • Customised sales pipeline, manages email campaigns, helps set up a help desk. Utilizes a built-in CRM, when it comes to great client interactions.
  • Ideal for marketers, sales teams and bookkeepers, looking forward to automating and simplifying business methods from a particular platform.
  • Manage invoicing, payroll, accounting, inventory, HR, sales all-in-One from mobile and desktop.
  • An alternative to Xero, Zoho, Zendesk, and QuickBooks.

Deskera is automated accounting software that is a unified platform for your accounting CRM, HR, invoicing, and payroll. 

The company revolves around tools for invoices, accounting, payroll, marketing campaigns, CRM, and many more. 

Balancing lots of business tools, all at once, can make you feel like a circus clown. 

It is one of the reasons why we are enthusiastic enough to introduce our globally acclaimed platform. This invoice automation software is backed up by various ventures that unifies all the processes of business you will ever need. 

Boasting millions, raised in mobile app and funding, with hundreds of users, Deskera happens to be an epic 8-figure monster. It is something that you would not want to miss. 

Deskera happens to be an accounts payable software that allows you to manage payroll. Also, CRM, email campaigns, accounting, invoicing, and many more include. 

The dashboard of the app is where everything comes together, providing you with the real-time perception of your business. 

All in one

One can view Bank balances, receivables, invoices, tax calculation. Also, one can check how the sales team is working and the amount of revenue they are raking in. 

Additionally, there are spaces and options to see employee attendance. One can also see liability, salary, reimbursement, and claims. 

Deskera comes with all front and center with an award-winning mobile application. It manages every desktop characteristic with ease. 

It is super simple for managing many businesses and processes with the books module option. 

Everything you need to perform is payment invoices, product, sales, and catalog precepts. The app takes care of reporting and compliance behind-the-scenes. 

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Additionally, you can send and create invoices immediately. You can do it with the help of your laptop or phone utilizing a ready-made template from the app or personalizing your own. 

Make sure to convert your quotes into bills and invoices with a single touch. Then, auto-include stripe payment links for getting paid right away.

Their online CRM allows you to manage support processes and sales without a hassle. 

Make sure to keep a trace of your leads, taken from the campaigns. Then, provide your customers with the support they need after converting them with the help desk feature.


Additionally, configuring and customizing your own sales pipeline is possible. It makes sure that each of your deals is moving towards closure. 

This application additionally allows you to connect with your existing applications. It does so by APIs or Zapier or develops your own applications with the included kit. 

This application has got you covered when it comes to email marketing campaigns. 

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One can create a new one or import email lists by utilizing existing contacts within the CRM. Moreover, one can make attractive mails from one of the templates to send it out as soon as possible. 

Make sure to track your steps and schedule campaign launches. Do that with detailed analytics and click through parameters and open rates. 

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Generating leads, dazzling the audience, sharing updates with that shining wit of yours is a cakewalk now. 

Furthermore, this app assists you to process payroll with alternatives for setting up the payment schedule. Using pay runs from earlier periods is also possible. 

Also getting detailed payroll reports or electronic pay stubs, with the tool, accounts for reimbursements and unpaid leaves too.

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