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Quick Overview

  • Directual is a full-stack app development platform that allows users to develop applications without any coding.
  • Even without any coding, Directual will help you create apps that offer maximum security and stability.
  • Directual offers pre-designed templates that save you the trouble of starting from square one and give you a jumping start.
  • You can also fully customize your app’s appearance with layout, color, font, and other visual options.
  • Directual has an API builder that will allow you to add layers of security to protect your sensitive data.


Directual Lifetime Deal

Most small companies and businesses these days prefer to design their apps as it allows them to personalize their functions based on their needs. With self-developed apps, they can save recurring costs of purchasing different apps and get productivity driving solutions for their team and employees.

But the issue with developing apps is that they require coding, which can be a time-consuming process. The alternative to this is opting for no-code developing apps, which have their own set of limitations. Today we are going to introduce you to a visual no-code development platform that is simplified and flexible.

What is Directual?

Directual is a full-stack low-code platform that allows freelancers, startups, small businesses, and others to develop an app for their organization. With Directual, you can build no-code applications and integrate them with site builders and social media platforms. Directual lets you set up databases, develop internal web pages, configure backend workflow, and more. With this visual no-code development platform, you will have no trouble generating a custom app for your organization. You can even work with app templates to save your time.


Features of Directual

We hope you understand what Directual is and how you can use this app development platform to design your no-code app. Below are the top features of Directual that make it the perfect solution for anyone desirous of creating a no-code app.

Follow a visual development approach to developing a no-code app:

Directual is a visual no-code development platform that will allow you to build your app using coding and no-coding practices. Based on what you are doing, you can switch the coding mode on and off during development.

Choose from pre-designed templates of apps with various functions:

With this low-code platform, you can create a no-code application by picking a template and developing it. With Directual, you can choose a template of your choice and customize them based on your needs.Directual3

Directual integrates with leading site-builders, websites, and platforms:

Directual integrates with multiple business management, CRM, networking apps, and websites. This app development platform has integrations with Zappier, Gmail, Telegram, Airtable, Twilio, React JS and more.

The increased security layers in Directual allows total safety of your data:

When you choose this visual no-code development platform, you can ensure that your sensitive data is always safe and protected. The API developer will add layers of additional protection to increase your data security.

Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, it offers high scaling possibilities:

Apps developed with this low-code platform have Amazon’s cloud infrastructure that you can size to store millions of records. Set up folders, fields, and other data structures, and configure all your data quickly.


Keep an eye on your app with real-time stats from the Directual dashboard:

With Directual, you can develop a web and mobile-friendly portal so that you can use the app any time. This app development platform also gives you options to track all your data from the Directual dashboard.


We hope this article helped you find a reliable development platform that will allow you to design a custom app for your startup or small business. With this low-code platform, you can take the visual development approach with complete security of your data. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t get your hands on Directual.

Directual also integrates with several business management apps and platforms so that you can integrate your workflow and achieve maximum productivity. With Directual, you have tons of personalization options based on your needs. You can choose from pre-designed templates for apps, making this the ultimate app development platform.

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  • It is perfect for everyone, from freelancers to developers, startups, and companies.
  • With Directual, you enjoy the security of traditional coding development apps.
  • Integrate Directual with other site-development platforms and services.
  • You can also combine your app with CRMs, email platforms, and social media.
  • With Directual, your app will have an infrastructure to hold millions of records.
  • Choose from four different plan options based on your business size and needs.
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