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Quick Overview

  • DMARC Report is an email reporting tool that helps you protect your data using MTA-STS encryption.
  • With DMARC Report, you can get protection against email spam, email frauds, spoofing, and phishing attacks.
  • DMARC Report offers complete email monitoring with real-time reports for emails that fail the authentication test.
  • Using DMARC Report, you can create, white-label, and manage multiple domains and even eradicate domain imitation.
  • DMARC Report allows you to boost your email deliverability and even offers detailed information about attacks.

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal

For online businesses, most communication between the company and its customers, suppliers, and distributors occurs through impersonal modes like telephone calls, emails, and text messages. Out of all the forms of communication, email is the most preferred alternative for several reasons. It is fast, immediate, and flexible, allowing you to share any information with the other party.DMARC Report 3

However, being a commonly used method of conversation, emails have become subjected to several security risks and threats. From email spoofing and spamming, there are infinite threats related to emails. But today, we are going to share with you an email validation system that will help you send secure emails and protect you from data theft, malware, and more.

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What is DMARC Report?

DMARC Report is an email service provider that helps you monitor and review all your sent emails to provide any malicious attack against your company. With DMARC Report, you get access to efficient AI-powered tools like Anti-Spoofing Technology and Threat Intelligence to identify potential threats to your business.

Using this Domain-based Message Authentication tool, you can verify every email that appears to come from your domain and individually authenticates every single one of them. DMARC Reports also offers you detailed forensics information about your attackers, helping you identify and report them. With this tool, you can ensure that your emails are free from any malware or phishing attack, increasing your email deliverability.

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Features of DMARC Report

After learning what DMARC Report is, it’s time to understand why you need this email validation system for your company. Here are the top features of the DMARC Report explaining how this tool can protect your emails from various online threats:


  • Integrate TLS reporting to address email deliverability issues effectively:

DMARC Report allows you to integrate with TLS reports offering quick and easy-to-understand reports related to your email activity. This email service provider enables SMTP TLS reporting and offers reports in two easily legible formats.


  • Receive real-time reports and alerts on potential security risks via email:

With DMARC Report, you will automatically receive an email notification in real-time on your dashboard about any potential security risk or threat. This Domain-based Message Authentication tool will boost your email deliverability and authentication.


  • Improve your email security against email frauds and spam with encryption:

DMARC Reports will protect you from email frauds and spam such as fake invoices, login credentials theft, and more. Using this email validation system, you can ensure that all your incoming emails get encrypted from cybercriminals.


  • Anti-spoofing technology to protect against email spoofing and phishing attacks:

The anti-spoofing technology will help you eliminate email spoofing or phishing attacks. This email service provider also offers you forensic and geographical data about your attackers, helping you protect your organization against future attacks.


  • Avail compliance with the European GDPR framework for your email services:

When using this Domain-based Message Authentication service, you don’t have to worry about compliance with the European GDPR framework. DMARC Report’s data center in Germany enables GDPR-Compliant Email Authentication for your emails.


  • The white-labeling feature allows you to customize all your domains:

Using this email validation system, you have the freedom to create unlimited domains and customize them to your preference. The white-labeling option allows you to personalize everything from login URLs to DMARC Reports for a given client.



We hope this article introduced you to a reliable email service provider for your business. Now boost your email deliverability by reducing email spam, email spoofing, and getting protection against email frauds. With DMARC Report, you can receive real-time reports and alert notifications directly on your dashboard.

DMARC Report allows you to simultaneously manage and protect multiple domains without paying an extra charge. Using this Domain-based Message Authentication service, you ensure that all your emails to your customers are always authentic and free from malware, phishing, and spoofing attacks. Get DMARC Report today and send secure emails from multiple domains without any threat to your or your clients.

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  • Create unlimited domains with DMARC Report based on your unique requirement.
  • You can set customized email alerts and notifications for any suspicious activities.
  • With DMARC Report, you can avail compliance with the European GDPR framework.
  • It supports TLS reports, generating reports in two easy-to-understand formats.
  • The geographic threat intelligence gives you vital data related to your spoofing attacks.
  • Choose from eight different report views providing critical information about your emails.
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