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Quick Overview

  • EmailBadge is the best email signature software that allows you to create and display your contact information and corresponding content at the end of an email in the most creative manner.
  • Entrepreneurs and content creators are popularly using EmailBadge for generating an email signature that defines their brand and work.
  • It is also helpful in Email marketing which includes sending commercial emails to a group of people who tend to be your potential customers. With the help of email signatures, you can build up a brand identity.
  • It allows you to design an email signature template from scratch or you can simply use the drag and drop editor options available on the left side of your screen to add more variance to it.
  • With the help of email signatures, you can easily drive more organic traffic to your web pages as it works as a helpful marketing engine.

EmailBadge Lifetime Deal

An email signature is a text that appears at the end of an email. It generally contains the sender’s name, contact information, address, designation, etc., and works as an email footer. It helps in building up a brand’s image and acts as a marketing tool. People start to recognize your company’s email and information with the help of an email signature.

EmailBadge is a Professional Email Signature Manager tool that allows you to create an email signature for your clients, friends, teammates, and others. It allows you to display your contact and information relating to work innovatively. It is easy to work on and also adds a professional flavor to your email.


What is EmailBadge?

EmailBadge is an email signature generator that allows you to display your information at the end of your email in the most pleasing manner. It helps in providing all the necessary information in a crisp and precise manner. It provides you an effortless editor to design your email signature that suits your brand. You can make and save numerous numbers of email signatures for yourself, your co-workers, and your clients.

It is a very useful marketing tool for email marketers and content creators as it calls for attention to your brand and what you are offering. You can link your social media handles and website to the contact information so that your potential customers can directly move to your website for more information.

Features of EmailBadge

  • EmailBadge enables you to build email signatures for all popular email services such as Gmail, iOS Mail, Office 365, G Suite, and others.


  • It allows you to install your email signature with all your emailing accounts at a single moment that too with a single click.
  • Email signatures by EmailBadge are also compatible with Outlook 2013, Yandex, and Android 4.
  • It allows you to use images and other icons with the text. You can also reduce or increase the pixels and size of the images. You can design innovative banners by adding images to your information.


  • It also enables you to add CTA (Call to Action) buttons to your text. These buttons induce the readers to take certain actions that might prove to be fruitful for your website and business.
  • You can easily adjust every element of the content as per your requirement. You can add horizontal lines to bifurcate between two different sets of information. You can also change the font style and font size of the text. It also allows you to enlarge spacing between the rows.


EmailBadge is an email signature generator online that helps you to create a signature in few minutes. You do not require any technical know-how for this as it enables you to generate an email signature with just a few clicks. All you need to do is connect your account and you are good to go.

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  • EmailBadge provides you with an email signature solution. It allows you to choose from various layouts and contents that are appropriate for your motive.
  • The email signatures that you will create with the help of EmailBadge are compatible with all types of inboxes.
  • It allows you to create as well as save all your different email signatures in real-time. You can edit them as and when you like.
  • EmailBadge and your email signatures are in tune with all kinds of interfaces, such as mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc. EmailBadge carries out a trial with 104 different email clients to deliver the email signature solutions.
  • It allows you to add social media icons to your email signature. You can link your social media accounts to the respective symbols. By doing this you are providing easy access to your social media platforms. Your potential customers can directly plunge into the realm of your social world through your emails.
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