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Quick Overview


  • Encharge is an email automation tool that sends emails to your users based on their behavior.
  • More than 1800 companies use Encharge, including Landbot, Samdock, Aito and, Payfacile. 
  • Encharge lets you create a personalized flow builder that guides the entire journey for your users.
  • This automation tool is perfect for SaaS, marketing agencies, and subscription-based businesses.
  • Encharge also integrates with CRMs like Hubspot, Calendly, and Slack.

Encharge Lifetime Deal

Emails are an easy and effective tool in advertising and communication for any business, online or offline. They are quick to send, get the point across, and amongst the most cost-effective solutions. But most times, promotional emails from companies end up in the spam or trash folder. It is because of the monotonous and dull nature of the emails.


One might ask how to handle such a situation? Well, the answer is simple, personalized emails. But it is well known that it’s not easy to send customized emails with an ever-rising list of customers. Companies need a practical email marketing tool that will allow them to send emails to their potential and existing customers based on their behavior. Well, say hello to Encharge.

About Encharge 

Encharge is an email automation tool that allows you to portion your users and viewers into different groups and sends them emails based on their preferences and activity. Encharge is a more productive method of generating leads, creating new customers, and also retaining them in the long run. This email marketing tool also has some vital features like real-time website and form tracking, custom email designing, and integration with many apps and portals.

Features of Encharge

These are some of the prime features of this email marketing tool that are significant for every online business.

Integration with leading marketing CRMs: 

Encharge has native integration with more than 50 marketing, billing, and other essential tools and software including, Google Analytics, API, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Typeform. 

Option to create a flow builder for customers:

With this email automation tool, you can create a flow chart for the journey of your users. This flow chart will dictate when and which emails to send based on their preferences and behavior.

encharge 1

Send personalized emails with merge tags:

Sending personalized emails with accurate data is now made possible with Encharge. This email marketing tool employs merge tags to send customized emails to every client based on their product usage.

Increase email engagement with A/B testing:

There is an advanced A/B testing feature that makes Encharge the ideal email marketing tool for startups. With this testing module, you can send variants of emails to determine the type with the highest engagement.

Segment your users based on real-time tracking data:

Real-time tracking of users on your website allows you to categorize them into various groups. This categorization rests on the data obtained from your website, app, CRM, and third-party apps.

Automated emails for specific actions:

With Encharge, you can send emails to your users and customers based on their activity. It includes sending emails when the user visits your price page or before the expiry of their trial/subscription.

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Identify potential customers based on lead score: 

The lead score generation feature enables you to identify your potential customers. So by employing this feature, you can prioritize these users over the others and increase your revenue.

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As we have previously discussed, emails are an essential marketing tool for any business. Having a reliable email marketing tool like Encharge saves your time and helps generate better leads for your business. 

Encharge comes packed with many features that allow you to do so much more than send personalized emails. Like the flow builder that lets you design the journey of your users. Or the user segmentation feature that categories users based on their behavior. Encharge is an indispensable email marketing tool for startups, email marketers, and every online business.


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  • Formulate customer journey with the flow builder with connecting steps for different stages. 
  • Design highly customized emails with the easy-to-use Drag and Drop Email Editor.  
  • Track real-time activities of users on your website and form submission to understand their preferences.
  • Find complete details and activities of your customers from a single dashboard. 
  • It has integration with more than 50 platforms including, Facebook, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Typeform.
  • Use the advanced A/B Testing feature to generate more clicks and leads on your emails. 
  • Available in five different tier options making it the perfect Email marketing tool for startups to large enterprises.
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