FeedHive Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Using the Power of AI seamlessly creates automated social media engagement and conversion.
  • You can easily join millions of thousands of serious professional marketers and content creators.
  • Efficiently create better converting and engaging content with the powerful AI tools of feedhive.
  • You can also use from the stock of several inspirational templates, performance prediction, and also hashtag generation.
  • In a single click, publish your post across the different social media channels of your choice.
  • Adjust your post in a hassle-free manner so that it can fit efficiently in each or across different channels.

FeedHive Lifetime Deal

What is Feedhive?

Depending on your budget, any social media monitoring platform might be a significant investment. There seem to be a few clear reasons why anyone would use digital platforms.

It gives users a single login, a uniform user experience, and a slew of business-oriented functionality. Guarantees you cannot miss a crucial message or comment from a client: if users skip a key message or comment from a customer, you risk losing money, relationships, and so on. It would be practically impossible for some of you to miss crucial notice if you use a solid social media application. It will be much simpler for you to keep count of all your chats if you use a lot of social media. To start with, having all of your information in one location simplifies your work.

Using a social media engagement tool, you may plan social media postings. It’ll also make visualizing what you’ll be sharing and aligning it along with your objectives much smoother. The majority of social media management systems provide analytic data. This information could include the number of shares a post has received, the number of website visits directed by your social media platforms, or the CPC of a recently sponsored promotion. Hence for all of this, you will require an all-in-one social media engagement tool that cannot only make your task simpler but also hassle-free.

Why FeedHive?

Begin using AI-generated social media post ideas. Next, add one’s photographs, movies, and writing to produce richer content pieces that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


The customized color scheme that labels specific themes, patterns, and issues important to your company will help you maintain your postings organized. Then, using a periodic publishing plan directed by your genres, FeedHive will automatically populate your content calendar. The program also proposes the finest of your previous articles for you to reuse, allowing you to maximize your productivity while also reviving evergreen material that has previously been proved to interest your audience.


FeedHive, one of the efficient social media engagement tools assists you in converting subscribers into clients after your content is produced and planned. Try establishing criteria that prompt follow-up postings when your material reaches a specific level of engagement might help you capitalize on a high-performing piece. Even when an interaction increase occurs in the dead of night, you’ll certainly wake up to purchases if you follow up with data to your good or service.


You may track each post’s effectiveness and share bigger information that might help you plan your approach using FeedHive’s statistics platform. Keep a close eye on the readers’ levels of motivation and behavioral patterns so you can figure out when to publish for the greatest results. You’ll also get access to sensitive post-by-post information.


Above, we have discussed what is feedhive and why one should prefer to use it. Now let us have a look at the different features of this all-in-one social media engagement tool.

  • Planning posts for an unrestricted amount of days in the forthcoming
  • Unlimited heritage
  • Infinite planned posts, draughts, posting strategies, personalized labels, and publish templates.
  • 500+ Motivation layouts
  • Data analysis and Threads
  • Connect media to posts
  • Account sharing


  • Inspirational Templates- Get rid of author’s block with accessibility to over 500 AI-generated fight templates.
  • Recycling Posts- Have FeedHive recommend the top posts to recycle, and then publish them with a single click.
  • Automated Retweet- Increase interaction by enabling FeedHive to share your entire content.
  • Post Conditions- Compose follow-up remarks based on the number of likes, engagement metrics, and other factors in the greatest posts.
  • FeedHive’s Repeated Publishing Plan allows users to manage your material periodically with the touch of a button.
  • Automated Text Splitting- Simply duplicate your content into the writer, and FeedHive will figure out the best way to make a string out of it.


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  • A perfectly suitable platform for the social media marketers and content creators who aspire to fastrack their growth on social media and get more engagement.
  • It is an all-in-one social media management tool that enables users to maximize their engagement on social media with artificial intelligence-generated templates and customizable schedules.
  • Gain access to more than 500 post templates with the help of feedhive to create your lucrative content.
  • Also, get AI-generated suggestions that would help you make the most out of your content generation.
  • Effectively keep your post customized with color-coded labels, custom labels, etc.
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