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Quick Overview

  • Flowflu provides online project management. It helps in managing and controlling projects.
  • It is free online CRM software that helps in maintaining a proficient record of customer data.
  • It enables the user to track the work-related information and maintain a backup.
  • It priorities the work as per the user’s request.
  • It can efficiently work for both small as well as medium-sized organizations that are trying to centralize their work.
  • It gives constant reminders for the tasks that are present on the to-do list.
  • It provides hassle-free access to the invoicing system. A user can access it any time and from any place as the information is available online.

Flowlu Lifetime Deal

Business management is dynamic. It is making technological advances regularly. Many complex operations need assistance from some tools and soft wares. Flowlu helps us to amalgamate all the important tools and make an all-purpose toolkit. This will provide ready-made solutions to managerial problems. It also helps in online project management. It maintains a proper flow of the work that is on the to-do list while keeping in mind the special requirements of the customer.

Flowlu helps in assigning tasks to your employees. It gives them constant reminders and directs them to the tasks that require completion. It reduces the chances of miscommunication and loss of information as the software is backing up everything. It also helps in designing complete follow-up plans for measuring the quality of the delivered projects and the corrective measures that are to be undertaken.

What is Flowlu?

Flowlu is business management software that is currently helping both small as well as big business clients with invoices and handling customer services. This tool has payment gateways plugins that help the clients to make payments easily. Using Flowlu is an uncomplicated task. It is a fully automatic and self-governing aid that helps in CRM as well as Project management.

The customer record maintaining helps in resolving the issues a customer might be facing. It minimizes the middlemen between the customer and the service provider. The company can directly reach out to its customers for resolving their grievances. Searching and identifying the necessary information has become easy with Flowlu. It reduces the loading time and provides instant solutions to the problems.

Features of Flowlu

  • It helps in determining in advance the total revenue a project will generate. It also anticipates the cost of all the operations.
  • It helps with data handling and management. It can store a bulk of files and documents. It organizes them in such a manner that no misuse of time and effort on searching for the desired information.
  • It helps in setting benchmarks for the operations, the time required for completion, and the budget allocations. It measures the real performance with the standards so that control measures can be undertaken. This improves the overall performance.
  • It increases effectiveness and efficiency as it lays down the time limit for the completion of each task.
  • You can also create a backup of your data and restore it at any time as per your needs and requirements.
  • It is free online CRM software. People can easily avail themselves of the membership.
  • It enables you to link your email to the software. This helps in sending information-rich emails to the clients


Digitization and automation is the new trend in the business world. Business organizations are working more efficiently with the help of online tools and software. Flowlu provides readymade solutions to the CRM and Project management operational issues. It helps with data handling and management. It maintains a record of the entire valuable information. This knowledge base will stay in the organization forever.


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  • It is online invoicing software, thus, helps retail as it is easy to generate multiple invoices.
  • It keeps a record of user’s daily expenses and tries to optimize them.
  • It also tracks the total revenue generated by the organization.
  • The movement or navigation from one data spot to another is hassle-free.
  • It also maintains a record of all the valuable information which a future employee might use in his operations. This knowledge base will stay in the organization forever.
  • It provides a web document that requires the customer to fill in their information. This helps in maintaining a record.
  • Customers can raise an inquiry ticket directly from these web forms. This also provides inside into customer needs as it records the feedbacks as well.
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