Flutin Live Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Flutin Live allows you to connect with your entire audience by streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • With Flutin Live, you can monetize your live streaming content and earn money in more than one way.
  • Flutin Live enables you to effortlessly communicate with your views with a unified chatbox for all streaming platforms.
  • Using Flutin Live, you can even pre-record and schedule your videos to go live at your preferred time.
  • Flutin Live shares the complete analytics for your live streams, such as the views, requests, drinks, and more.

Flutin Live Lifetime Deal

In this online world, your audience is the most vital asset for any online business, entrepreneur, and basically, anyone creator making their living through the internet. It simply means that the better you connect with your audience, the higher your income will be. When it comes to communication with mass audiences, live streaming is one of the best alternatives.

However, any online creator will relate to the fact that live streams are complicated events to manage, no thanks to the complexities in conducting one. If you struggle with the same issue, then we have the perfect solution for you. Say hello to Flutin Live, your new web-based live streaming platform.

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What is Flutin Live?

Flutin Live is a dynamic entertainment platform that enables content creators, brands, and influencers to connect with their audience. With this live-streaming platform, you have the freedom to live stream on a singular or multiple social media websites, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, among others. Flutin Live also lets you share the time for your live events through your social media accounts or send an invite link via email. The best part about Flutin Live is that you can Monetize Online Events and earn money using three different methods. Also, the event dashboard will share everything you need to know about the performance of your stream.


Features of Flutin Live

By now, you have gained a good understanding of what Flutin Live is and how to use this live streaming platform to connect with your audience instantly. Here are the top features of this web-based live streaming platform that will help you boost your viewer engagement:

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Now you can go live on multiple social media websites simultaneously:

With this dynamic entertainment platform, you can go live from one or more leading social streaming platforms at once. This list includes Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, RTMP, and more.


Keep earning while engaging with your audience using three ways:

Flutin Live enables you to Monetize Online Events using more than one method. Viewers can pick between sending you a virtual gift, paid requests for shoutouts, and attending ticketed online events.

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Chat with viewers without the endless scrolling and tab switching:

Using Flutin Live, you can always chat with your viewers, thanks to the singular chatbox of this web-based live streaming platform. It will save you from switching between multiple tabs or scrolling through endless messages.


Keep your audience informed about future streams by sharing links:

Flutin Live allows you to keep your viewers informed about your live events by sending notifications. With this dynamic entertainment platform, you can send links via email or share them on your social media accounts.

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Pre-record and schedule your videos to live as per your preference:

Now you can also pre-record and program your videos to go live at your desired time. So when you start using this live streaming platform, your can Monetize Online Events without even having to attend them.


Know how your streams perform with analytics from the dashboard:

Lastly, know everything you need to know about the performance of your events on this web-based live streaming platform from the event dashboard. Get complete details on views, likes, comments, requests, and more.



We hope that this article introduced you to a dynamic entertainment platform that helps you keep connected with your audience. With Flutin Live, you can engage with your viewers using multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more at once. You can even get the word out about your live streams by sharing the links on social media or marketing emails.



What’s more, you can even Monetize Online Events using Flutin Live to get real-time cash inflows. Now you also have the option to customize your live stream by adding your brand logo, overlay, and other customization options. Reach your target audience and engage with them without having to switch between tabs or constantly scrolling down the screen.


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  • Now stream high-quality videos with 1080p streaming resolution for maximum clarity.
  • Personalize your events by adding custom branding to each live stream and video.
  • Get the option to choose between five plan options with varying stream hours.
  • Avail the flexibility to log in using your mobile or desktop, as per your preference.
  • Your viewers can also get notifications for your future live streams and events.
  • Get comments and messages from various social platforms in a single chatbox.
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