Frill Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Frill works as an Announcement widget and helps in updating the customers about the improvement in the features of products as per their demands.
  • Agencies that provide SaaS (Software as a Service) and newbie entrepreneurs are using Frill for recording customer feedback, setting up a roadmap, and announcing widgets.
  • The customer is the king of the market. By using Frill, you empower your customers as it asks them to make recommendations by voting. It helps in identifying the actual needs of the customers.
  • Frill provides you with an inline admin that acts as an integral part of the whole process. There is no need to install a separate admin system. This feature makes it an effortless platform for a business.
  • It allows you to collect customer feedback and manage them from the same dashboard where the customers fill in their responses.

Frill Lifetime Deal

When you deliver a product or service to a customer you need to get feedback on their performance. It not only helps you in monitoring the performance of the product but also enables you to get a better insight into your customers’ needs. Frill helps you to collect customer feedback, construct a roadmap keeping in mind the suggestions of the customers, and announcing the enhancement.

Frill understands the need for privacy in this competitive world. Therefore, it enables you to keep your ideas, plans, designs, and roadmaps on a private board. You can change the privacy settings and turn on private mode.

What is Frill?

Frill allows you to collect customer feedback and channelize them into constructing a stunning product roadmap. It is also available as a mobile phone application that provides an effortless interface for the users. Numerous teammates can work on Frill at the same time. It also enables them to send private notes to other teammates. It also has a single sign-on feature for their customers so that they do not have to create an account or log in to a web page to cast a vote or give a suggestion.

It does not have multiple boards to organize your data but has a more tidy solution to categorize it. Topics store all diverse information. It displays them systematically and smartly on a single board.

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Features of Frill

  • As an admin Frill allows you to submit your ideas. It collects these ideas in the top left corner of the web page for the customers to see. The customers can give feedback or respond to these ideas by voting. You can also pin down the ideas so that they call for the attention of the customers.

Frill 2

  • You can also pin down the popular comments from the feedback section so that other customers can also see them.

Frill 3

  • The announcement widget allows you to schedule your action of making an announcement. If you are planning to import a feature from some other platform where it already exists, you can make schedule the announcements in the back-date as well.
  • It also enables you to use webhooks which allows you to send automated messages and information to your customers.
  • To reduce the chances of duplicity it allows you to merge two or more ideas to make an authentic project. You can do this by clicking on the merge button.
  • Frill also enables you to add and use your domains. It also keeps your dashboard tidy.

Frill 4

  • It allows you to priorities the roadmaps and announcements. You can re-arrange them in any order. It allows you to drag and drop the ideas between the same columns.


Frill engages with the customers and record their ideas and views about the product or service. It allows them to vote for the things they like and comment in dropbox if they want some changes in the same. Frill provides you with both paid-up as well as free plans. You can change the plans as per your requirement.

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  • It helps in developing a stunning product roadmap that provides an outline or vision of how the product is going to be. It also fires the enthusiasm of the customers as the companies are considering their recommendations and making improvements in that area of activity.
  • It helps in designing the templates for the roadmaps. These designs incorporate all the best features put forward by the customers. These ideas combine with the actual blueprint of a product or service to deliver satisfactory results.
  • The various announcements regarding the products show up in the announcements’ feed. Here you can arrange the updates and improvements in chronological order so that it becomes easy for the customers to browse through them.
  • Frill enables you to record customer’s feedback and transform them into effective roadmaps. These roadmaps will induce the customers to wait for the announcement of the upgrades. It reduces the chance of customers switching the products.
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