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With Funelll, you can run marketing campaigns like a professional! Set up and combine your business stack. Get beneficial insights on getting more traffic from specific marketing resources. Achieve Meaningful Actions taken by users on your website.

Decide which details to follow on your site with the easy point and click tool of this software. You no longer need to maintain or add your tracking tool. You can now replicate tracking across numerous providers like Twitter, Facebook, and Google and set it up so that they all would be using the identical version of data when it comes to reporting and optimization on your campaign.

With Funnelll, you can adjust your data throughout the consumer journey, ranging from landing on the website to checkout. With the features of easy-to-read dashboards, you can recognize your hurdles and resolve which marketing actions are pushing sales.

Your company is a necessary part of your strategy. (Unless you happen to be attempting to break the best record for the greatest progressive matches of Solitaire.) Encourage company members to participate in Funnelll through email invites so that your whole team has distinctness around the information that helps optimize marketing campaigns. Accomplish your team’s admittance, characters, and support to assure that each person can obtain the data they require.

Funnelll Lifetime Deal

Funnelll helps you with conversion tracking and helps maximize the marketing campaigns by using meaningful steps consumers take on the website—no need for any code or complicated integrations demanded. Funnelll makes it conceivable to help you spend the marketing dollars more productively by enabling you to trace customer activities on the website.

You’ll be capable to utilize this information to exercise your advertisement platforms on how to give you high-quality guidance. With Funnelll, you can automatically identify your site platform and set up tracking, and run marketing campaigns directly on your website under one step—no need for any coding! Utilize the easy point-and-click tool to determine the factors you need to trace, such as when customers click on an element like add to cart or reach a particular page like check out.

Did you have a Shopify website? That’s great! You can readily install Funnelll on your Shopify in only a single step and begin tracing changes in no time. This software helps you integrate with Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Google Tag Manager, as well as additional web platforms. This software additionally makes it straightforward to optimize marketing campaigns and set up your tracking beyond your marketing stack within just one or two clicks.

Now, it is time to install the best analytics and marketing tools like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Twitter Advertising, Hotjar, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Stripe, Slack, and more. You will be capable to understand the setup once and can replicate tracing across channels, therefore, you can keep using the identical version of data to report and optimize your campaigns.

About Funelll

It can seem like you are striving your way to victory when you happen to be working with restricted marketing resources. Nevertheless, when you start taking marketing decisions according to data-driven insights, you might get more benefits for your money, no matter the amount how small. Are you equipped to receive and trace data in a significant way so that you can carry out a successful marketing campaign? Welcome to Funnelll.

There is no programming demanded this software to help you run marketing campaigns by utilizing relevant activities that your clients take on the site. Being one of the most beneficial factors for the software, this allows you to track your client behavior on the website, hence enabling you to spend your marketing funds more productively.

By using this information to instruct your advertisement platforms on sending high-quality leads, you can also set up a tracking system on your website in simple steps without a code. You are free to pick the aspects you look forward to tracking by utilizing a simple interface known as point and click. An example of this is when your clients come to a particular page like click on a particular element or checkout.



  • Integrate: With the help of this feature you can link your ad accounts and analytics with only a simple swipe of a button so that they can receive and share data.


  • Track and share your data between accounts and website: Track and share client actions within your website as well as marketing tools without the requirement of any coding.


  • Optimize marketing campaigns: You can use the tracking information to optimize your marketing campaigns as well as your websites to drive more sales.


Funnelll is a software that helps you make the most of your marketing campaigns by assisting you to find out which marketing actions are working out and they can help you adjust your strategy for achieving the best results. Get the best deal in Funnelll today!

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  • Set up a lead tracking naturally without the requirement for any code, as well as distribute the events throughout your analytics and marketing tools
  • Alternative to: Google Tag Manager, Facebook Analytics, Data Studio, as well as CustomerLabs CDP
  • Combine with your chosen marketing tools—Facebook, Google, and many more—in just one click while Funnelll manages the installation process
  • Ideal for: Agencies and Marketing teams looking to optimize marketing campaigns budgets by cleverly using customer data
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