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Quick Overview

  • Gravitec lets you automatically deliver the latest content on your website to the viewers based on its popularity.
  • Gravitec allows you to target the right audience for your content based on their behavior and preferences.
  • With Push Digest automation, notify your viewers about the multiple latest and unseen stories on your website.
  • Gravitec automatically compiles campaigns for you based on the notification elements in the metadata of your web pages.
  • Customize the permission prompt, covering everything from its appearance to placement and timing.
  • Gravitec lets you analyze and evaluate the performance of each campaign with a well-generated report.

Every website and blog on the internet has one common goal of attracting as many viewers as possible. The reason for this is quite simple, the higher the traffic, the more the revenues. For this, different people apply different strategies. Some provide high-quality content, whereas some choose clickbait titles for their content that instantly grab the reader’s attention. But adopting the same tactics over time can sometimes cause viewers to lose interest in your website or blog.

That’s why you need a more reliable solution to attract viewers to your website or blog. That’s why you need the help of a web push service that will constantly notify them about the latest or top posts on your website. However, this service should be customizable so that readers receive non-stop notifications to the point that they unsubscribe from your website. Today we present to you one such automated content delivery service tool, Gravitec.

What is Gravitec?

Gravitec is a web notification service that can help convert random visitors to your website into subscribers. With Gravitec, you can send both automated and targeted Web Push Notifications to your subscribers. This service gives you the option to customize the permission prompt of your website, encouraging your readers to subscribe to your content. You can even segment your readers based on factors such as their country, city, and language, sending them content they are highly likely to find relevant. Get started on this automated content creation service and boost your website traffic.

Features of Gravitec

Now that we have understood what Gravitec is and how you can use this push notification for website service to boost your traffic and subscribers, it’s time to go through its features. Here are the top features of Gravitec:

automated content delivery

RSS to PUSH automation to send direct notifications:

With Gravitec, enjoy automated content delivery through RSS to PUSH automation. It has two options Breaking news and Top news. Breaking news sends new content as soon as it’s published, whereas Top news sends the popular posts during a specific period.

Target viewers based on their preferences:

Gravitec allows you to group your readers into segments based on their browser, country, city, language, and OS. Using this data, you can create push notification campaigns and send them specific notifications that are most likely to grab their attention.

Web Push Notifications

Personalize the permission prompt to your tastes:

Gravitec permits you to customize the prompt on your website. You can decide when and where the dialogue prompt appears for different devices. You have complete control over the placement of this prompt that allows you to send Web Push Notifications.

gravitec 5

Get automated reports for all your campaigns:

Once you create a new campaign on your website, you can get complete reports on its performance. This automated content creation service generates detailed statistics of their performance, allowing you to draw valuable insights for the future.

Compile top stories in your Daily and Weekly digest:

The PUSH Digest automation compiles a list of the top stories of the day or week for your readers. The Smart Digest tool includes posts that your readers may not have seen previously. The push notification for websites helps you draw more traffic to your content.


By starting to use Gravitec, you can easily convert random visitors into subscribers of your website. With this automated content delivery tool, you will start noticing a significant increase in traffic on your website. Based on their behavior, preferences, and browser details, you can group readers into segments. Gravitec has multiple automation options through which you can start any push notification campaign on your website. With Gravitec, send your viewers targeted content that will definitely increase your traffic and subscription.

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  • Add emojis, images, and buttons to your notifications to make them more appealing.
  • Gravitec automatically creates and sends notifications from your RSS tab.
  • Integrate with more than 1000 apps and enjoy a single-click integration with WordPress.
  • With Gravitec, you can customize the prompt differently for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Segment your readers based on their country, city, language, browser, and OS.
  • Gravitec is perfect for websites or blogs that publish daily content like news outlets.
  • Websites such as Cosmopolitan, Toyota, Esquire, Men’s Health, etc., use Gravitec.
  • Gravitec is available with five plan options catering to websites of all sizes.
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