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Quick Overview

  • Grist is a customized data analysis and management tool that will help you create personalized databases.
  • With Grist, compose your data into data cards, widgets, charts, and more for easy analysis.
  • You can add design spreadsheets of any layout and add files of your choice, such as images and videos.
  • Grist enables manageable data linking with the relational database creation that will connect different documents.
  • This tool will allow you to share any documents both within and outside of your team and clients.

Grist Lifetime Deal

Data storage and management is an integral part of the operations of most businesses and organizations. With digitalization, we have shifted from the traditional bookkeeping system to online data spreadsheets that are easy to share and have a perpetual life. But these online databases come with their own set of challenges.

Anyone working with multiple spreadsheets can attest to the difficulties in updating and analyzing the data. With most traditional spreadsheet softwares lacking customization features, employees had to deal with this problem without a choice. But all that ends today as we present to you a customizable and relational database development software, Grist.

What is Grist?

Grist is a customizable data tool that allows your to create databases and spreadsheet custom to your needs. Instead of the standard layout, you can pick one that will enable easy viewing and management of your data. You get the option to add information in your choice of format, including image and video options. With Grist, you can say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and start streamlining your data effortlessly and compactly. This customizable spreadsheet database will allow you to import, export, and download your files.

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Features of Grist

Now that we have explained what Grist is and how this tool will assist you in managing and analyzing your data. Now it’s time to go through some of the reasons that make Grist the best data management software.

Organize your workflow with a simplified dashboard to view your data:

Grist is a customizable spreadsheet database that allows you to create documents in your preferred layout. This tool will also offer you a condensed view of all your data so that you don’t have to work with multiple sheets at once.

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Grist lets you add images, documents, videos to your spreadsheets:

With Grist, you get the option to add a variety of files and attachments to your database. You can include an image, video, document, and other data files making Grist superior to any traditional spreadsheet software.

Create relational databases that link to each other for a condensed view:

Along with creating customizable databases, Grist also allows users to design relational spreadsheets. The direct linking of files offers a consolidated view, saving your time and making it the best data management software.

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Share your documents with anyone with personalized access options:

With this customizable data tool, you not only get to design a specific document but also have tons of options when it comes to sharing it with others. You can also download your files in Grist or CSV format.

Automatic backups and data locks will protect you from experiencing data loss:

When you use Grist, you don’t have to worry about data loss or manual backups, as this customizable spreadsheet database got you covered. With automatic backup and no data-lock in, you have no reason to worry.

Create and filter widgets to help you find your desired data easily:

Grist also allows you to organize your data into pop-ups, data cards, charts, and more. You get the option to filter a particular section of any document instead of the complete file making Grist among the best data management software.



We hope that this article provided you with a reliable solution to store and manage your data more effectively. With Grist, you don’t have to worry about creating and maintaining multiple spreadsheets, thanks to this simplified and customizable data tool. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about data syncing and backups with built-in functions that will protect and update your data.

Grist is an uncomplicated and more personalizable alternative to traditional spreadsheet softwares like Google Sheets and Excel. Grist will let you share documents with your team members and clients, thanks to data access options. So if you are looking for a more customizable data storage and management tool, Grist is the tool you must check out.

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  • Grist offers control over who can view your data with high access controls.
  • Create customizable and relational databases without any coding requirement.
  • It is ideal for anyone desirous of effectively managing and analyzing data.
  • Get the option to download your file in the Grist document or a CSV format.
  • Grist will allow you to import and export data from your databases easily.
  • Pick a customized layout for your spreadsheet based on your specific needs.
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