Gurucan Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Create, promote, and sell online courses with a mobile application.
  • Create stunning challenges and online courses
  • Can customize branded apps
  • Promote your business by creating beautiful landing pages
  • Powerful marketing pipelines, broadcasts, and automation
  • Build-in webinars and chats
  • Autopilot your online course

Gurucan Lifetime Deal- Create, sell online, and promote online courses with a mobile app of online courses platform. Gurucan is a five in one online courses platform that helps create online courses, memberships while running webinars, market automation, and more. It lets you enter into the 21st century with a branded iOs or android mobile application to provide your students the opportunity to get educated and engage anywhere from the e-learning platform. You can also style a custom app with your branding by selecting a design and uploading a logo to provide a great branded experience.

Enable push notifications in your app so that your users can engage anytime, anywhere

Building online courses with Gurucan is super simple – Create video lessons, schedule training, challenges, and drip courses for any medium, be that text, digital, podcasts or webinars. This e-learning platform helps you in creating courses that are easy to navigate on both web and mobile apps. 

Gurucan also lets you keep the users engaged with built-in quizzes, reports, and chats in order to track their progress and motivating them to achieve their goals and completing the courses.

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Create courses with a stunning outlook that look good on both mobile and desktop

Gurucan has marketing tools built right into the platform. You can run complex marketing campaigns by sending emails and push notifications automatically, hence, putting your company’s marketing on autopilot. You can also tag users and segment them based on a dozen of triggers and actions, making it easy to create automated marketing campaigns and sale and marketing pipeline. 

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Build customized and powerful marketing automation and sales pipelines with the easy to use visual builder.

Instead of watching a million youtube videos of just ‘winging it’, use the visual builder to set up new automation within minutes. Whether you are a fitness trainer, community builder, marketer, lifestyle blogger, finance coach, an aspiring trick shot pro, or an artist, Gurucan makes it a breeze to monetize and build membership programs.

Create group chats, manage subscriptions, run a blog, or set up challenges from one convenient desktop. 

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Grow your membership business

Customize your membership options as you build multiple pricing plans and free trial runs. From there, you can receive online payments for your package via integrations like Stripe and PayPal. You can also find native integrations for tons of popular apps like Youtube, Vimeo, Mailchimp, Wistia, Twillio, SendGrid, and ClickFunnels. If you cannot find a native integration tool you’re using, connect literally to any tool via Integromat or Zapier.

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With Gurucan, launching a new online course or membership does not have to involve sweat, tears, and blood. With just a few clicks and fantastic content, you can create, monetize and customize your online program with marketing. 

Be the guru, because you can. Get lifetime access to Gurucan today!

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  • Create courses, daily challenges, or training
  • Check the progress via quizzes, tests, and home works
  • Beautiful and converting landing pages to make learning all the more interesting.
  • Create email campaigns, and send emails automatically
  • Send push notifications to engage the users. 
  • Built-in webinars with chats so that the learners can come up with queries. 
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