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Quick Overview

  • Gyana is an online data collection and automation tool that helps you integrate data from all platforms.
  • With Gyana, design unique workflows for your needs following a simple drag and drop pattern.
  • Gyana enables you to save your automated workflows as templates and use them in the future to save time.
  • Using Gyana, design customized dashboards to share all the relevant information using visual patterns.
  • Gyana lets you personalize the appearance of your dashboard with white labeling to custom branding.

Gyana Lifetime Deal

Data is an essential asset for any business. Whether you operate online or offline, business owners constantly deal with extensive amounts of data stored at different places. This varied storage of data maintains security from online theft. But when it comes to combining this data for analysis purposes, that’s when the problem starts.

You often spend up hours manually updating spreadsheets to compile all your data in one place. Today, we have the perfect data analyzer tool to help you save your precious time. To everyone looking for a simplified solution, allow us to introduce you to Gyana. It is a code-free data platform that tracks and automates your data.

What is Gyana?

Gyana is a no-code data management tool that helps you integrate, interpret, and automate your data. With this inclusive tool, combine your data from different apps, clouds, databases, webhooks, and more. It is possible thanks to integration with over 80 online data tools. After collecting your information from varied online data sources, you can create a custom workflow with a drag and drop interface. Gyana also allows you to create dashboards and make them visually appealing by including graphs, charts, and more. Customize your domain with the white-labeling feature using the various themes.

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Features of Gyana

Now that you have gained a good idea about Gyana and how this code-free data platform can help your collect, store, manage, and automate your data, it’s time to learn why you need this tool in your life. Here are the features of Gyana that make it a life-saver for everyone dealing with large amounts of data:


Import your valuable online data from anywhere on the internet with one click:

With Gyana, you can now combine all the data related to your business stored across different platforms. This no-code data management tool integrates with over 37 apps, including Asana, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and MailChimp.


Create unique workflows for your needs using a quick drag and drop interface:

After collecting the complete data about your business from various online data sources, design a unique workflow. The simple drag and drop interface allows you to build a suitable pattern that automates your data storage process.

Gyana 2

Automate your workflows and save them as reusable templates to save your time:

Once you have designed the most suitable workflow for your data, preserve the process as a template. This code-free data platform allows you to save time by using these automated workflows anytime in the future.

Gyana 3

Design customized dashboard and add interactive elements like graph and chart:

Gyana also permits you to create dashboards to present your data in an easy-to-understand way. Using this no-code data management tool, you can add charts, graphs, and widgets to your dashboard and make it visually attractive.

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Gyana enables white labeling your domain using themes and personalizations:

After creating an account for your business on Gyana using relevant data from different online data sources, personalize it to match your branding. Apply the white labeling option to customize using themes and personalization settings.


Share your dashboards with your team or clients using password protection:

Once you have designed informative and engaging dashboards using this code-free data platform, give access to your team members for feedback. Enable password protection before sharing them with your clients to maintain their safety.


Through this article, we shared a no-code data management tool that helps manage all your online data. Using Gyana, you can now integrate your data at different platforms, websites, stores, and more. The drag and drop interface of this tool makes it easy for you to design customized workflows. You can even save your workflows as templates and use them again in the future.

Gyana also enables you to create dashboards and add interactive filters and elements to design visually-informative designs. You can also share your data within your team or outside of it using a password-protected link. Gyana integrates with over 80 online data sources to collect your data. So stop searching for the perfect data tracking and automation tool, and start using Gyana today.

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  • Create a different subaccount for each client and white label them with custom branding.
  • Always get access to the latest raw data from the various apps and storage platforms.
  • Gyana is ideal for marketing agencies that work with multiple clients and businesses.
  • Save your time by using previously created automated workflows saved as templates.
  • Create resizable dashboards that you can resize for your mobile or desktop device.
  • Pick your desired data manipulations to your workflows based on your preferences.
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