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Quick Overview

  • Happy Scribe is an audio conversion tool that adds transcripts to your video meeting, conferences, and other recordings in minutes.
  • Make your content more accessible to a larger demographic audience by adding subtitles to your videos.
  • Happy Scribe gives you the option to edit, highlight, and even download your video transcript.
  • The tool supports more than 120 languages and their varied accents including, Arabic, French, Tamil.
  • Happy Scribe has an editor that reviews and edits the translated text for complete accuracy.

Happy Scribe Lifetime Deal

We all agree that adding transcripts to any videos makes it easier to go through them and quickly gets the message across. The same goes for subtitles on videos on various video-sharing platforms. A large portion of viewers on the internet prefers videos with subtitles. But anyone involved in the video creation or editing process can attest that adding transcripts or subtitles is a tedious and dull process.

Transcripts and subtitles require a lot of time and effort. You need to ensure that the audio of your video converts at the exact moment with high accuracy. That’s why today, we are sharing a tool with you that will take the burden of creating transcripts and adding subtitles off your shoulders. Happy Scribe is the best audio-to-text converter tool with a high accuracy rate and lightning conversion speed.

What is Happy Scribe?

Happy Scribe is a video-to-text converter tool that converts the audio of your video to text. Depending on your preference, you can choose between transcript or subtitle. You can upload any video file to the dashboard and generate accurate text files for it in minutes. There is an option to share and download these transcripts and upload them to your website or blog. The tool also offers complete customization of your subtitles. The interactive tool audio lets you transcribe audio to text automatically.

Features of Happy Scribe:

After we have explained what Happy Scribe is, it’s time to go through the features of this multi-functional tool. Below are the top features of this. video transcription software

Availability of Automatic and Expert conversion options:

Happy Scribe has both automatic and manual text conversion options for your videos. The transcribe software has an accuracy of 85% with the automatic conversion and 99% with the human translation from expert transcribers.

A dedicated editor that lets you modify the generated text:

With this tool, you can not only transcribe audio-to-text converter online, but Happy Scribe also has an editor for the generated text. The editor lets you edit and highlight the notable quotes in the transcript.

Share or download your transcripts with a click:

After the video transcription online generation, you can even share them with your team. The tool also lets you download the transcribed text in up to ten different formats like PDF, TXT, and Word.

Integrate with your favorite video platforms:

Along with excellent video transcription software, Happy can also integrate with your beloved video-sharing platforms. This tool integrates with leading websites like Spotify, Youtube, Zoom, Zapier, etc.

video editor

Customize subtitles to match your brand:

Happy Scribe has a video editor for your converted text. It allows you to transform your subtitles by changing their color, size, font. You can match them with your previous videos and the overall aesthetics of your brand.

Maintain the security of your valuable data:

With this video-to-text converter tool, you generate text transcripts of your videos and even maintain the security and privacy of your data. Complete confidentiality of your data is maintained to protect it from data theft.


We hope that through this article, we have introduced you to a reliable video transcript generator tool. It is an indispensable software tool for everyone involved in the process of creating and editing videos. With Happy Scribe, your days of manually transcribing or adding subtitles are gone. Enjoy effortless generation of transcript and subtitles for all your videos in a matter of minutes.

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  • Customize your subtitles with font style, color, and size personalization options.
  • There is an option to download your transcript in formats, like PDF and Word doc.
  • The voice recognition technology ensures that the text converts accurately.
  • The tool has a proofread option to identify the grammatical errors in the text.
  • Transcribe a variety of content varying from videos and podcasts files.
  • Upload your videos and generate transcripts instantly, saving your precious time.
  • Search your transcript based on timestamps and quotes and easily edit them.
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