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Quick Overview

  • Automate audio transcriptions with the best speech-to-text technology
  • Alternative to: Trint
  • Generate editable subtitles to expand your video reach and get more views
  • Best for: Web marketers and video editors who want to improve accessibility on their recorded content

Happy Scribe is an Automatic Transcription Software. By this, you can convert Automated video to text. It is an automated video to text transcription software.

The interfaces of this Automated audio transcription software take transcription to the best level. Designed with the user perspective in thought, the interface of this automatic transcription software and subtitle generator. It can quickly up various processes.

You can export your subtitles or transcription switched from audio to text within the format about your preference. From text-editing to video-editing, all the formats are supported that you need to speed-up your job.

Key Highlights

  • Automate audio and video transcriptions, including the most reliable speech-to-text technology
  • An alternative to Trint
  • Create editable subtitles for expanding video reach and get more views
  • Ideal for video editors and Web marketers who need to increase accessibility toward their posted content
  • Transcribing webinars, interviews, and panels remains an attractive way to reuse content. At the same time, the option of subtitles assists you. It helps in capturing a more widespread audience. It does so by addressing your content further accessible.
  • Happy Scribe utilizes attractive voice-recognition technology. It turns audio recordings into transcripts and adds subtitles to the videos.
  • You can also upload your video or audio file, plus Happy Scribe takes charge of the rest.
  • After your transcript is created, download it within a variety of formats, such as a PDF or a Word document, to link to your website or share.
  • SEO remains fundamental to making the most out of your business and rising the search rankings—although search engines cannot recognize the audio (yet!).
  • Happy Scribe utilizes the most trustworthy speech-to-text technology that generates transcripts with subtitles within minutes.

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Happy Scribe customers can enjoy standard transcribing audios with video files. As the most active typers cope with the manual sort of work, Happy Scribe comes to an existence where one does not need to perform manual listening to audio over and over again, pausing the lines to present it as a tiresome job.

Using the best speech-to-text technology to and transform scripts into subtitles, one can prepare a project ready within minutes. Now, there is nothing to feel like forever when it comes to typing.

Transcribing is extremely helpful these days, particularly for gathering more interviews, contents, important online meetings, webinars, and panels. At the same time, subtitles also encourage you and draw more audiences by making content more available and understandable.

Happy Scribe happens to be one of the most immeasurable software to deal with such a workload and makes your work further accessible than ever before.

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Notable Features

  • Automatic Transcription: Happy Scribe leverages the best speech-to-text technologies for generating accurate active transcriptions that you can use.
  • Advanced Punctuation: The automatic transcriptions consist of commas, full stop, and also exclamation and interrogation marks.
  • Fast: Happy Scribe helps transcribe files from audio-text in only some minutes. It uses only half of the original file length.
  • Subtitle Generator: You can generate subtitles to work in a fruitful way. The Editor allows you to do modifications.
  • Personalized Vocabulary: Transcripts can also consist of acronyms, proper nouns, or terminologies. You can add them to vocabulary to transcribe it.
  • Speaker Identification: Happy Scribe begins with a new para when the speaker changes. Write speaker names and access with one-click.

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With Happy Scribe’s transcripts of video and audio files, you will have searchable text to help enhance your rankings.

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Files Supported

  • Plain Text (.txt)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Interactive HTML (.html)
  • SubRip (.srt)
  • WebVTT (.vtt)
  • EBU-format (.stl)
  • Avid Markers (.txt)
  • Premiere Markers
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