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Quick Overview

  • Researching has become the talk of the town. There are many sources on the internet to extract information from. The users can begin their research using the cloud-based work automation program and save their precious hours.
  • This is a good way to help the users in automating their all-time consuming sales. Also, the marketing and research tasks are much easier with the help of Hexomatic.
  • It acts as an automation platform. You can extract the needed information and all kinds of data from an array of websites inclusive of the scraping recipes. The user can also opt for the leverage readymade automation that makes the scale tasks easy.
  • The internet is a huge place. Chances are that you might not always find what you need. Hexomatic is what you need for quick data extraction. This tool is home to a scraping recipe builder that will help simplify the process. The user can build directories, prospects, and also, go for listings at scale. The tool makes sure that the process is simple and just some clicks away.
  • The cloud enables a constant functioning of the tool and the smooth process ensures a soothing and comfortable experience.

Hexomatic Lifetime Deal

What is Hexomatic

Hexomatic is the answer to the customer’s need when it comes to no-code data extraction from various websites that have made it to the internet world. The user can manage multiple workflows from a single convenient dashboard. Further, there is a huge variety of ready-made tools or scraping recipes, as they call it. Hexomatic helps in finding new kinds of prospects and chances that are likely to propel in any of the market industries. This is a good pick if you have constant struggles while discovering the emails and social media profiles that are part of various internet groups and pages. Also, this tool helps maintain accounts and perform audits, amongst other splendid tasks and solutions.

Readymade automation is easier for working on the document specifications. Businesses, in the present scenario, need automation to a greater degree. The user can tap into RSS feeds and also, extract SEO metadata for better reach. The user also has the advantage of detecting the tech stacks.

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  • Hexomatic serves as a cloud-based work automation platform that helps you combine the recipes and also, opt for customized workflows. These are easier to run and autopilot scheduling is just some steps away.
  • This is a good tool if you want to save time by seamlessly reducing manual interference and work.
  • This tool helps the user get access to the library of workflows and recipes that enhance the user’s position by deploying the complete case use within a few minutes.

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  • This tool fulfills the user’s wish to create a scraping recipe in minutes and also, use the same for functions like automation field detection, capturing texts and prices, browsing various modes, and much more.
  • The user has the blessing of profitable tool features like CSS selectors and Regex expressions that convert the complex scenarios into a cake-walk.

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Plans and Pricing

There are 3 plans for this comprehensive work automation platform – single, double, and multiple. The pricing for each is $98, $196, and $294. The single plan is the silver plan that offers 4,500 automation credits for each month and 10 simultaneous workflows. The rest of the two are gold plans that offer 10,000 and 15,000 automation credits. There are unlimited running flows in both along with the API. If you want to buy 2 codes, you can go for the double plan. If you have 3 or more codes to buy, the multiple plans will be the perfect pick.


Hexomatic promises no-code data extraction and plays an excellent role in integrating the current applications like Slack and Telegram for constant and timely updates and notifications. Overall, this is a good and profitable tool for the management world that offers cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

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  • Hexomatic is a comprehensive work automation platform and tool that helps you ace your internet scrolling and researching skills like a pro.
  • This tool benefits the users and is a perfect alternative to customer-friendly functioning tools like Apify and Webscraper.io.
  • This tool enables the user to go for a point-and-click functionality on a no-code by making use of a cloud-based work automation program.
  • This tool is home to more than 40 ready-made automation. This is an added advantage for the users planning to use this application. The customers can use the automation and hence, turn the data available on any of the websites in the form of a spreadsheet or JSON format.
  • Hexomatic is an excellent pick for all. It is likely to benefit the sales and marketing teams. The teams that are on the lookout for automation of the time-consuming tasks related to internet surfing and research, can use this tool.
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