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Quick Overview

  • Tracking the performance of your web pages with HTTP is a must
  • Data analysis software helps to check your performance on the web
  • Business intelligence software helps to filters and interprets the information regarding web traffic

Role of Data analysis software for a website

The availability of database servers is critical for any business. Data analysis software closely monitors database availability, performance, and is capable of MSSQL Monitoring of all versions. It helps you get detailed information about SQL Server sessions, memory, buffer, latches, and locks and enables you to discover your MSSQL servers on the network automatically. 

Tracking the performance and availability of your web pages with HTTP Monitoring & HTTPS Monitoring is very important. It helps you check whether the web pages of your web application are accessible or not. When they are not available, you receive alerts and notifications, and repair action recommendations listed below.

The function looks for several critical attributes, such as the response time of the page. Active reports help IT administrators take quick corrective action before their unavailability affects end-users. It also allows you to make sure that your CGI scripts, web server, and back-end databases work correctly. 

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Such Business intelligence software helps you to:

  • Analyze usage trends – Keep an eye out for metrics like availability, utilization, and other essential vital metrics.
  • Optimize database performance – The Data analysis software is scalable with proactive alerts, reports, and comprehensive monitoring.
  • Proactive troubleshooting – Rapid detection of database outages and failures with detailed root cause analysis
  • Reduce downtime – Ensure 100% database server availability with instant fault resolution.

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Take advantage of URL monitoring for maximum uptime as –

  • Performance and availability monitoring: Data analysis software does the data analysis to check your web performance. It fits the performance and availability of websites using HTTP and HTTPS requests, monitoring from the end user’s perspective. You can even scan a single URL or multiple URLs.

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  • It is not only important to monitor the data on your website; instead, but it is also essential to analyze your competitors’ performance. The Competitor analysis software collects the data about your competitor’s web site and retrieves important information after careful and thorough analysis.
  • Periodic checks: Periodic checks are essential to record a stream of HTTP and configure it for regular checks at a defined interval. Make sure your web application is available and working correctly.
  • Measure response time – Measuring response time monitors a particular web application’s response time by getting details like DNS time, first-byte time and connection time, etc.

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  • Content validation: It is essential to ensure the specified text appears on your pre-configured web pages all the time. You can also validate the current page size and the percentage change in page size, if applicable.
  • Website monitoring: It is essential to make sure your web pages are not modified without your knowledge. The function is useful for ensuring the validity of data on database-based websites. Business intelligence software filters and interprets the information regarding web traffic, response rate, etc., and presents clear and useful business insights.
  • Secure your website -You must monitor the authentication process to access secure web pages. Also, watch the operation of these secure pages from user login to online transactions with URL monitoring. You can receive immediate notifications when there is any problem with your web applications, such as content errors, connectivity problems, slow page load time, etc.
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