Hide My Wp Ghost By Squirrly Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Hide My WP Ghost is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that protects your WordPress website against hacker bots and spammers.
  • If your website is on WordPress, it ought to already be exposed to hacker bots attempting to compromise your vulnerable info.
  • The best way to protect your website against these attacks is to hide the vulnerable ways from hacker bots. but you’ll need quite customary camouflage.
  • WordPress plugin monitors and maximizes your site’s security.

Hide My Wp Ghost By Squirrly Lifetime Deal

What is Hide My WP Ghost?

Hide My WP Ghost is the best WP security against hacker bots that helps you forestall them from attacks on your WordPress website. Most sites get compromised attributable to security vulnerabilities that might have simply been prevented by taking the correct measures at the correct time.

Hide My WP Ghost scans your entire web website to assess its current security level and uncover pressing security threats that leave your website exposed to different types of attacks.

All vulnerabilities area units highlighted very dedicated reports, and you’ll get clear steering on but you will correct each issue. In many cases, you’ll be able to fix issues with one click right then and there!


  • Hide My WordPress Ghost was tested with over one.000 alternative themes and plugins. Works with the foremost standard Cache Plugins, Security Plugins, CDN Plugins, and WordPress Themes.
  • They offer skilled WordPress support that includes: bugs, site fixes, payment process problems, website speed inquiries, and far additional.


  • Users’ activity log permits you to require a note of each necessary action triggered on your WordPress website and store that data till you wish it. Knowing what happened on your website at any time, in admin and on the frontend, is superb thanks to improving security.
  • If you discover URLs in your ASCII text file that reveal the name of a plugin even in the end the WordPress common methods are modified, you’ll modify those URLs into new ones mistreatment Hide My WP Ghost.
  • The main security threat related to XML-RPC square measure brute force attacks. Attackers try and log in to WordPress mistreatment xmlrpc.php URL. for defense, you’ll disable the XML-RPC feature and block access thereto.


  • Protecting the admin space from unauthorized access permits you to dam several common security threats. If guests recognize your mistreatment of WordPress, they will simply verify the default Admin & Login pages, thus creating your website a neater target. Hackers frequently target wp-admin and brute force it employing a list of usernames and passwords.


  • A winning brute force attack will offer hackers access to your websites’ admin space & credentials. they will install backdoor, malware, steal sensitive data, delete everything on your website, build your website inaccessible. Associate in Nursing unsuccessful brute force attack will hamper your website and even crash your wp hosting server. The attacks begin with multiple requests to /xmlprc.php and /wp-login.php with completely different mixtures of usernames and passwords. Once a mix matches, the hackers have access to your admin interface. Their square measures several methods for handling brute force attacks. mistreatment Hide My WP Ghost Plugin, to activate Brute Force protection, activate the “Use Brute Force Protection” button.

Plans and Pricing

  1. Ghost 1

For Bloggers


20% On Auto-Renewal

Secure & Protect 1 Website


  1. Ghost 5

For Small Businesses


20% On Auto-Renewal

Secure & Protect 5 Websites


  1. Ghost 10

For Midsize Businesses


20% On Auto-Renewal

Secure & Protect 10 Websites


  1. Ghost All

For Agencies


20% On Auto-Renewal

Secure & Protect

Unlimited Websites


Hide My WP Ghost continually keeps a detailed eye on your site’s security. You’ll see each action users take once logged in to your website for the last thirty days.

Create instant email alerts to urge notification of security-related events, like burglary making an attempt and unauthorized user actions like deleting a post or plugin.

Know who’s attempting to hack you with visibility into all brute-force attacks for the last thirty days, alongside the complete details of the assaulter (e.g., IP, username, and date).

With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll be able to instantly find and withdraw security vulnerabilities by taking timely preventive actions.

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  • We’re all familiar with the concept of hackers and spammers stealing all of our info, which is why you’ll need a WordPress security plugin, called Hide My Wp Ghost by Squirrly.
  • Hide My WP Ghost is perhaps the simplest security plugin for WordPress in 2021. It brings AN unexampled layer of security to each WordPress project you own.
  • It’s an additional layer of protection that’s not lined up in alternative security plugins for WordPress, that makes this simply work in conjunction with the other plugin you’ve got for WP security.
  • This will defend you against hackers, hacker bots, and even spammers. Safe mode is the best thanks to going into hiding My WP Ghost, particularly if you’re a beginner.
  • Hiding your WordPress can be the simplest factor you may try this year to make sure your business is safe.
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