Hippo Video Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Hippo Video is an online platform that helps its users to reach their marketing and sales goals through strong video personalization and administration.
  • It is a specially designed digital platform that could increase the response and trust rates with prospects of the users just through emails that include hyper-personalized videos.
  • The customized videos sent through emails or any other media give a similar feeling as face-to-face interaction and can defeat every sort of strategy of using clever subject lines or cold emails.
  • This software just takes 60 seconds to record and share any type of customized sales video which in turn gets you about 8x engagement, books 3x more meetings, and speeds up the sales cycle at a very high scale.
  • Hippo video can be a major reason that your email for increasing your respective sales outreach doesn’t get ignored by the prospects who are already overwhelmed with tons of emails.

Hippo Video Lifetime Deal

As the video is the most impressive format of content. Hippo video was designed to keep the same thing in mind and anticipated such videos with some personalization being used for messaging that will enable its users to establish better connections with its prospects. This digital platform is rich in terms of features and is built to enhance the productivity of salespeople on daily basis. With help of this software, the user can make such real and powerful sales videos that will get him approx. eight times more his normal engagement and can book almost 3 times the number of meetings than before. While using this digital platform you can almost build an instantaneous relationship with your prospects that will last lifelong as the user (especially SDR) can show his face and pitch-perfectly while being gentle and empathetic. The hippo video software can easily be integrated with everyday sales tools like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Hub Spot, Outlook, Gmail, etc. hippo video allows the user to grab your prospect’s attention by recording and sending hyper-personalized videos from different CRM tools within 60 seconds. All such videos can be customized with personal branding. Such videos email will not be left unread by the prospects ever. This software serves as an authentic way for business organizations to engage with their audience through personalized videos.


  • Hippo video allows you to keep a record of your video emails, real-time data on video views, and also views percentage and engagement.
  • All the information collected can be used to send follow-ups at regular intervals, qualify your leads, quickly move them through the various stages of the sale cycle.
  • This digital platform will allow you to customize sales pages with certain elements ranging from company logos, branding backgrounds, and CTAs.


  • The user can also personalize sales pages and increase their engagement of prospects by adding demos, sales videos, proposals, collaterals, and presentations which will make those text-heavy emails light as a feather.
  • It has a special feature named video teleprompter using which the users can ramp up their sales team by recording impressive videos within 60 seconds.
  • Hippo videos also get you clear and ambiguous script cues as well as command over your voice modulation, tonality, and focus over effectiveness while recording videos.


Hippo videos help its users to stand out with hyper-personalized emails among the tons of emails received by prospects so that the particular person can feel like they are connecting not with the email server. Hippo Video also has its app (both android and IOS supported). Also, every single piece of data can be organized into folders.

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  • Hippo video is a platform that will enhance your sales, marketing, and support efforts as it allows its users to send hyper-personalized video emails to their respective prospects and giving it a magical touch.
  • Hippo Video is a better alternative option VIDYARD and BOMB BOMB as it provides more template options and a user-friendly environment.
  • This software is best for the sales team, support teams, and marketers who are constantly looking to improve their relationships with prospects and customers through personalized video emails.
  • With the help of this digital platform, the user can use his video at any stage of his sales cycle (from prospecting to contracting walk-through) by using your personal favorite sales tools.
  • This software automates the video sequences, humanizes your communication, and tracks videos with real-time analytics by itself.
  • Hippo video allows you to humanize your prospect engagement with hyper-personalized videos by using your favorite sales tool such as hub spot, Salesforce, LinkedIn sales navigator, etc.
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