HockeyStack Lifetime Deal

Quick Overview

  • Hockeystack is a no-code analytics tool that helps the user analyze all the events with just a single click.
  • It’s a landing page optimizer.
  • It filters your visitors based on session details, actions, and statements to help you find the exact user.
  • It improves your website’s flow from start to cart.
  • It helps in creating and measuring the goals you care about.

HockeyStack helps you analyze all the events with a single click to help you optimize your landing page. It’s a no-code analytics tool. The dashboard of Hockeystack is easy to understand; all the features you need have collaborated with a simple UI on the dashboard.

Hockestack helps you in understanding your users to find out what to build next – without any code. You can also explore your visitors’ behavior by seeing all their actions. You can filter them by device, custom actions, locations, etc. – with just a few clicks.
Convert your visitors into customers by Hockeystack lifetime deal.

Powerful Filtering

Filter your visitors based on session details, actions, and statements to land on the exact user you’re looking for.


Find out where people drop off from your website. HockeyStack helps you improve your websites’ flow from start to cart and implements changes with certainty. It also notes how much time your visitors spend on each step of your funnel. Beautiful visual funnels help you understand your website’s conversion issues, optimize them, and thus help you make your application a success.

Custom Goals

Create custom goals and also measure the goals you care about. You can also filter your users by goals to find out what else they did on your website and focus on improving their user experience. Even the simplest of tools require you to code each action individually. But with Hockeystack you can create specific goals within seconds. You can also click on a goal to see your visitors’ properties.

Own and control your data

The right to privacy is a basic human right. HockeyStack is a privacy-friendly no-code analytics tool that is one of the best marketing analyzer tools available in the market.

Super-fast speed

The script used for integration is fast and small. Therefore, with Hockeystack you’ll never have to worry about the analytics script deteriorating the page speed score.

Unlimited Websites

Add any number of domains and track them easily on just a single dashboard. This tool is perfect for you if you’re an agency or have multiple domains. Each additional domain adds costs you 30 Dollars. HockeyStack also provides one-line integration for each website. It also works with all your favorite tools – Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Bigcommerce, and much more,

Top Accuracy

HockeyStack excludes all automated algorithms from tracking and performs regular cross-checking with other tools to keep your data as error-free as possible. You can use an IP blacklist to clean up your data further.

Dashboard Sharing

You can also share your dashboard via a URL with your team members, clients, and fans. You can also use a password to keep unwanted visitors away.

HockeyStack is the full support you need to grow your business and is the perfect marketing companion for your business needs. It helps you meet with the support team regularly to tailor the Hockeystack experience for all your business needs.

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  • See each visitor’s action and filter easily
  • No-code analytics tool
  • Get detailed action analytics
  • Collaborate with an unlimited number of websites.
  • Control and own your data
  • Grow your business with Hockeystack
  • One line integration
  • Analyze your marketing campaign with a marketing analytics tool.
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