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Quick Overview

  • HostMaria is a cloud hosting service based in the United Kingdom developed with 20i Data Centre.
  • HostMaria offers 100% cloud-balancing along with Free CDN and unlimited free SSL certifications.
  • The SSD servers of HostMaria will give your ultimate performance even under high stress.
  • HostMaria will protect your data from viruses, malware, DDoS attacks, and security breaches.
  • You can access the HostMaria servers from any part of the world without compromising on speed.

HostMaria Lifetime Deal

Data storage is a critical function when it comes to any organization that operates online. Even though there are quite a few storage solutions, each alternative has its pros and cons. With technological advancements, we have evolved from using internal, external to the most recent cloud storage.

Cloud storage is among the most reliable and secure storage options. But one of the primary drawbacks of cloud hosting is the high cost of the service. But what if we introduce to you a hosting service that will fit right into your budget and protect your data. Say hello to HostMaria, the ultimate virtual private server.

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What is HostMaria?

HostMaria is a UK-based web hosting company designed in partnership with 20i that offers 100% SSD support. With HostMaria, you can add unlimited domains, websites, and databases. HostMaria employs the best hardware servers in the market to ensure that they perform exceptionally even with high traffic. Your data backs up automatically every day to keep the system updated with the latest information, preventing data loss or inconsistencies. The virus and malware scans will guard them against threats. HostMaria is perfect for any web developer or WordPress user with integration for the platform. Get started today and manage endless cloud hosting accounts with HostMaria.

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Features of HostMaria

We hope you understood what HostMaria is and what makes this hosting platform different from others. Now let us go over some of the top features of HostMaria to help you realize why you need this Web Hosting Service.HostMaria 3

HostMaria performs automatic data backups to prevent data loss:

HostMaria will perform automatic data backs daily to ensure critical data updates in our virtual private servers. It will prevent you from losing information from any of your websites or database.

Get the ‘true cloud’ hosting experience with optimum performance:

Partnering with leading companies like 20i,, Hetzner, HostMaria offers the ultimate cloud experience. This web hosting company also provides integration with G-Suite to give you an enhanced experience.HostMaria 5

HostMaria offers unlimited SSL certifications free from any cost:

HostMaria offers free SSL certifications without any restrictions. They also provide free CDN, unlimited domains, and databases, thanks to the dedicated servers based in the UK.

The secure systems will ensure the safety and protection of your data:

HostMaria also provides maximum security to your data with scans for viruses, malware, and other unwanted files. The cloud hosting accounts will also guard you against data breaches and DDoS attacks.

HostMaria uses the best servers that perform well even under stress:

You will not have to worry about the performance of your cloud storage with high traffic to your website. HostMaria’s Web Hosting Services come backed up by their powerful serves that always deliver.

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HostMaria has a simplified dashboard that is easy to navigate:

This web hosting company has a well-organized and resourceful dashboard that is easy to operate. With easy-to-access functions and continuous support, HostMaria is the ultimate cloud hosting platform.


We hope that we helped you find a dependable web hosting company for all your cloud hosting needs. HostMaria is a reliable and highly affordable web hosting solution for your business and leaves less to desire. With SSD storage and up to 100 GB capacity, you will never run out of space.

With a fully secure system, there is no need for you to worry about the safety of your data, as HostMaria will scan your files for viruses and malware and guard you against DDoS attacks. HostMaria has 100% dedicated servers located in the UK that you can access from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a web hosting platform, get your hands on HostMaria now.

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  • HostMaria allows you to add unlimited domains and databases to your cloud.
  • HostMaria has strong login protection and scans for viruses and malware.
  • Enjoy a high-speed performance from anywhere with a massive 1TB traffic.
  • With an option to block users from a different country, your data is more secure.
  • HostMaria also offers unlimited free SSL certifications and free CDN.
  • You can set up your G-Suite with HostMaria with a simple one-step setup.
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