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Quick Overview

  • Page is a platform that lets you create one master URL to all your products, memberships, and social media accounts.
  • With Hy.Page you can customize everything from how your landing page looks to the different links you want to showcase.
  • Now, you can link products and subscriptions to your bio link and convert them into sales without leaving the page.
  • Enjoy features like Fan Requests and Collect Donations that let you connect with fans and receive donations for creating your content.
  • Page allows you to monetize your landing page, providing a boost to your revenues and increasing your traffic at the same time.

Hy.Page Lifetime Deal

The importance of social media has risen over the past few years. Today it plays a significant role in generating sales for any online business. From influences to entrepreneurs, everyone uses their following to create more leads and sales for businesses. One of the easiest ways of introducing customers to your products or content is through bio links.

But once customers click on the bio link, their stay on your website is highly dependent on your landing page. This webpage should have all the necessary information while maintaining a simplified interface. Too little or too much information can cause leads to back off. In this article, we share a customizable bio link creator that will help you generate more sales.

What is Hy.Page?

Hy.Page is a platform that lets you create a comprehensive landing page for all your products, memberships, social media, and more through a single page. With this tool, you can do everything, such as sell digital products online to recommend your Youtube videos through the call of action. You can also connect with your fans through subscriptions, fan requests, and donations to help you produce better content. Features like this make Hy.Page a true revenue generator for your business.

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Features of Hy.Page

By now, you must have a good understanding of what Hy.Page is and how this tool will help your business. It’s time to go over some of the impressive features of this revenue generator tool for any online business:

Build a customized bio page with all the required links:

With Hy.Page you can fully personalize the look of your bio link page. Whether you want to sell digital content online or encourage people to follow you on social media, a customized page will help drive your point better.

Effectively control your content, customers, and more:

Hy.Page allows you to generate more leads and sales while taking care of your social media accounts and membership plans. This bio link creator will help you in managing your social media following and subscription services properly.

Upload all your digital products to a single landing page:

Now you can upload and sell digital products online through Hy.Page from a single landing page. With Hy.Page, customers will not have to toggle between multiple tabs to complete their transaction, enabling them to pay from the same page.

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Create and manage subscriptions with premium content:

This platform tool enables you to design and manage your membership section efficiently. You can create different tiers and divide your content between all your subscribers. It makes your bio link a revenue generator for your business.

Create an engaging fanbase with donations and requests:

With Hy.Page you can create an interactive fanbase where you can sell digital content online but engage with your audience like never before. Your fans can send you everything from donations to personalized messages and questions with Hy.Page.

Collect direct payments with PayPal, Stripe without redirects:

As we mentioned, Hy.Page lets you collect payment directly through your landing page. When you sell digital products online through your bio link, you can receive direct payment through PayPal, Stripe, or the built-in payment processor.


Anyone looking for an integrated platform that allows you to set up a direct landing page for your bio will find Hy.Page extremely helpful. This bio link creator will allow you to generate sales and leads without customers leaving the page. It makes Hy.Page an indispensable tool for online content creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Hy.Page lets you build a master URL linking all your products, subscriptions, and social media platforms. It allows you to sell digital content online without paying any additional fees. With Hy.Page you can enable customers to complete their entire transaction without leaving your page even for payment.

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  • Page lets you enjoy all of its features without paying any transactional fees.
  • Customize your bio link pop with images, backgrounds, fonts, and color options.
  • You can also add Google Analytics to your settings to get complete info on your traffic.
  • Add new products to your bio link by adding their name and description, and price.
  • Manage all your membership, with an option to create multiple tiers for your members.
  • You can fully control subscriptions, allowing you to access their complete history.
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